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Patient enough to become a doctor

A ceremonial graduation of doctors and pharmacists who have completed their course at the foreign department of the Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy took place at the second stage of the Maly Theatre on June 24

The Moscow Medical Academy was founded in 1758 as the medical faculty of the Moscow State University. For almost 250 years, it has been the largest centre of medical science and training in Russia.

The Moscow Medical Academy has been training foreign students, residents and research students for over 50 years — since 1949, when 10 students from Bulgaria, People's Republic of China and Congo were enrolled as freshmen. Since enrolled as freshmen. Since then, the MMA has trained more than 3000 specialists for 83 countries of the world. About 1700 foreigners from 79 countries are currently studying in the MMA, making up almost 2 percent of all the foreign students studying in Russia.

The number of foreign students at the MMA has grown more than three-fold over the previous three years. "It is safe to say that the Russian system of training medical specialists is attractive for students from all over the world," says academician M. Paltsev, head of the MMA. "Along with students from developing countries, we have students from Canada, USA and European countries. We keep in touch with our graduates, and we know that they usually have no problems with finding a good job, which proves that the MMA diploma is highly respected."

The Moscow Medical Academy has signed direct agreements and cooperates with universities of USA, Germany, France, Norway, the Netherlands, and other countries. Every year the academy sends more than 300 of its staff members abroad for accumulating experience and welcomes in Russia over 400 foreign specialists. Student exchange is also actively practiced. Heads of medical councils often come to the academy to discuss perspectives of cooperation in training specialists.

Sixty-eight doctors and 38 pharmacists graduated from the foreign faculty this year. Seventeen students were granted an honors degree; two received gold medals.

Among the participants of the graduation ceremony were representatives of for were representatives of foreign embassies in Moscow, MMA pro-rectors P. Litvitsky and R. Alyautdin, professors, students and guests from different countries. To anyone unaware of what was going on, the ceremony may have been reminiscent of a carnival or a festival Ambassadors wearing national costumes and students in cloaks and master's hats took pictures on the stairs of the Maly Theatre and attracted public attention. Later, in the theatre hall, the students said a lot of cordial words, remembering how they first came to Russia and how hard it was to study Russian, and thanked the teachers who, as one of the graduates said, taught them "to be good pharmacists and good people." After the ceremony, a dancing-party was held.

"The academy was one of the first to start adjusting its educating principles in accordance with the requirements of the Bologna process," says Paltsev. "So we hope that the mutual integration of educational systems is going to spread, with our diplomas becoming more and more respected, and the number of our for eign students growing every year."

Исходная статья: Moscow Hews № 25 (4179) 20005 г.