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Primus inter pares

    Museum of the History of Medicine

    The Museum of the History of Medicine was established in 1990. Since 2004 it is situated in the very center of the Clinical Campus in one of the most beautiful University’s buildings that was built in 1896. Before the revolution it was the home for the outpatient clinic named after V.A. Alekseeva. Since 1930 the building hosted the Rector’s Office.


    In 1958 the monument in honor of Ivan Mikhailovich Sechenov, the founder of Russian physiology, was erected in front of the building. For many generations of trainers, students and graduates of the University the building of the Museum and the monument to Sechenov has remained a symbol of I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University.

    Initial purpose of the Museum was to highlight the background of the educational institution. But the history of the country’s first medical University of several years’ standing rich in bright events and outstanding names lets to cover not only formation of medical education in Russia, but also development of medicine as a branch of domestic science. As a result, the Museum collection gathered during the years shows the history of establishment and development of major Russian scientific medical schools, medical education and the work of outstanding scientists and clinicists of the 19th-20th centuries.


    The Museum today
    At the present time holdings of the Museum count over 80,000 depository items presented by the University chairs and hospitals, academic staff and physicians. The basis of the collection is formed of personal archives, items of property, photographs of eminent physicians, as well as rare medical tutorials of the 16th – 20th centuries. The jewel of the exposition is a unique collection of medical instruments of the 18th – 21st centuries.

    The Museum is a member of the European Association of Museums for the History of Medical Sciences (EAMHMS).

    Opening hours
    Monday - Friday 10am – 5pm 
    Shut on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and the first Monday of every month. 
    The Museum accepts visitors by appointment ONLY.