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Primus inter pares

IV International Student Olympiad in Pre-clinical Dentistry "First steps in Dentistry"

Dear colleagues!

On behalf of the administration of I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University I am very happy to welcome all participants and guests of the IV International Student Olympiad in Pre-clinical Dentistry First steps in dentistry.

The training of highly-qualified personnel is a priority of our University. Annual International student Olympiad in Pre-clinical Dentistry "First steps in dentistry" is held on the basis of our University with the aim of improving the quality of specialists training. The format of the Olympiad allows to create an interactive platform for constructive competition and gives you an opportunity to prove yourself as the most talented students, because there is no loser in the competition, each participant is already a winner. Also a significant factor ensuring the future development of dentistry is the possibility of direct communication between students of different universities, cities and countries. And we are pleased that our University opens the door to all participants of this nationwide event, because our motto is "First among equals".

I wish all Olympiad participants and guests good health, success and optimism!