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Primus inter pares

Strategic Academic Unit 1

Strategic Academic Unit 1 (StrAU 1). TRAINING THE NEXT

Extended reproduction of hi-perf medical community

First MSMU launches training medical staff with advanced set of skills and competencies in line with PPPM-based treatment (predictive, preventive and personalized medicine) encompassing medical humanities, social sciences, strong communication and other soft skills. StrAU 1 focuses on strengthening the training programs for healthcare professionals by integrating clinical training and research work. FMSMU is about to adopt and develop the best practices for training healthcare staff by enhancing network cooperation with medical schools around the world.

StrAU 1 goals

  • World-class training for healthcare professionals
  • Top labour market positioning of First MSMU alumni
  • Technological refurbishment
  • Training more international students
  • Promoting FMSMU brand awareness and international academic reputation

StrAU 1 coverage

  • New relevant disciplines in the curriculum (international accreditation of key programmes)
  • More research activities, individually tailored curriculum (international accreditation of for GP programmes)
  • Simulation training technologies
  • E-learning, distance learning programmes and video podcasts
  • LMS platform
  • First MSMU educational technologies promotion

StrAU 1 key external stakeholders

  • Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
  • Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
  • Regional healthcare departments and ministries
  • Medical universities
  • Society 

Just collaboration

StrAU 1 expected overall output

Facilitation of Russian healthcare system advance through sustainable succession of generations within medical professional community.