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Primus inter pares

    StrAU 1 Advanced Training Options

    PPPM-based learning
    Predictive, preventive and personalized medicine aimed rather at prevention than treatment basing on early detection of pathology predictors far before its clinical manifestations. The educational philosophy is being rearranged in line with global trends in PPPM. The Russian government recognizes preventive medicine as top priority by funding relevant projects under the Federal Program of Healthcare Development till 2020. First MSMU has already founded International PPPM Consortium which united world-leading PPPM institutions: European Association for Predictive, Preventive and Personalized Medicine (EPMA), International Society of Personalized Medicine (ISPM) и Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC). The main idea of the organization is to promote PPPM into the healthcare routine as a health-preserving system. 
    Clinician-scientist training
    The crucial challenge of the period is translation of scientific discoveries through new techniques into clinical practice. Meanwhile, students still spend much time learning in classes instead of conducting clinical research or practicing clinical skills at the patient’s bedside.
    Clinician-scientist training concept
    • Fusion of clinical training and research work
    • Teaching and mentorship alongside with research and patient care
    • Personalized training programs
    • Continuous undergraduate and postgraduate education and training
    Soft skills for healthcare professionals
    To facilitate mastering of new competences it is crucial to introduce new disciplines into the curriculum such as health management, medical psychology, palliative care, evidence-based medicine etc.
    Basic soft skills for the new generation of healthcare professionals
    • Analytical abilities, leadership, communication skills and management techniques
    • IT skills for data collection and analysis, simulation and testing, distance learning, collaborative connectivity
    • Common attitudes, ethical values and behaviours as the framework for new generation of professionals following the evidence-based policies