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Primus inter pares

    StrAU 1 Organization Chart

    Initially, the StrAU 1 will start with the Centre for Innovation in Medical Education MEDICINE OF THE FUTURE that covers: 
    • School of General Medicine (undergraduate education) 
    • Clinical Residency 
    • Doctoral Programs (postgraduate education) 
    By 2017, the Centre for Innovation in Medical Education called Personalized Medicine is set to be established under StrAU 1. By 2020, the Centre will evolve into the International School for PPPM in cooperation with partner universities. 
    Managing staff
    The StrAU 1 Leader: Tatyana M. Litvinova, PhD, Vice-rector for academic affairs. Dr. Litvinova has a strong background in managing educational institutions, including in the top positions. Research focus: drug provision systems. 
    Key staff
    • Marina A. Kinkulkina, PhD, Dean, School of General Medicine, supervises the training of clinician-scientists 
    • Sergey V. Suchkov, PhD, Dean, School of personalized medicine, Professor, Dept. of Pathology, responsible for PPPM-based education 
    • Irina Yu. Markovina, PhD, Director, Centre for foreign languages and international communications, responsible for soft skills facilitation 
    • Denis M.Gribkov, Deputy-director, Virtual University hospital, responsible for Sechenov Skill&Knowledge Medical Training Cluster 
    • Maxim V. Kholopov, Director, IT Dept., responsible for IT in medical education, distance learning 
    Management structure
    • StrAU 1 Leader 
    • StrAU 1 Operation Council 
    The StrAU 1 Leader is in charge of day-to-day management, planning, administration. The StrAU Leader is a member of the Program Management Committee. 
    The StrAU 1 Operation Council includes the StrAU 1 Leader and the StrAU 1 unit managers. The Council is responsible for the StrAU 1 performance and development.
    StrAU 1 academic headcount – 231. Average age – 53.
    Org Chart copy.jpg