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Primus inter pares

Strategic Academic Unit 2

Strategic Academic Unit 2 (StrAU 2). CENTRE OF POWER
Сlinical and basic medical research cross-disciplinary hub

This element is the cornerstone of cross-disciplinary research platform to fight socially significant diseases and enhance life quality by application of latest achievements in regenerative and molecular medicine, structural and genomic bioinformatics and chemoinformatics. StrAU 2 is a multi-purpose hub bringing together research, academic and medical communities to respond the global healthcare challenges facilitating both fundamental studies and translational research, and also training the research staff in: medical biophysics, bedical biochemistry, bioengineering, bioinformatics, biotechnology etc.
StrAU 2 goals
• Deployment of world-class centre for regenerative and molecular medicine, structural and genomic bioinformatics, chemoinformatics
• Promotion of the FMSMU international academic reputation
• Translation of research achievements into clinical practice
• Supporting relevant innovative startups
StrAU 2 coverage
• Establishing and enhancing laboratories and institutes supervised by internationally recognized scientists
• Developing research staff education programmes of new generation
• Commercialization of innovative products/services in partnership with leading Russian and multinational companies and research organizations
• Establishing international partnerships for joint R&D, including international consortia 
StrAU 2 key external stakeholders
• Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation Federation
• Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
• Russian universities participating in the 5-100 Project
• Russian Academy of Science (RAS) institutions
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Russian and foreign institutes and universities
• Global research community
StrAU 2 expected overall output
Self-developing cross-disciplinary hub for fundamental, pre-clinical and clinical research and fine tuning of practical research-based solutions in terms of life expectancy and life quality.