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Primus inter pares

    StrAU 2 Organization Chart

    StrAU 2 initial structure 
    • Research Institute for Molecular Medicine (drug design using molecular biology and gene engineering, preclinical studies, methods for early diagnostics) 
    • Research Institute for Pharmacology (quality, efficiency and safety of medicines, provides postgraduate training, etc.) 
    • Research Institute for Urology and Reproductive Health (diagnostics, treatment and prevention of urigenital system disorders) 
    • School of Pharmacology 
    • Centre for Innovation in Medical Education MEDICINE OF THE FUTURE. 
    The department of preventive, personalized and translational medicine is also planned to be established. 
    StrAU 2 milestones 
    • 2017 – centre for research and education Translational Medicine, management consolidation and initiation of interdisciplinary research and educational projects 
    • 2020 – international subject cluster Translational Medicine under First MSMU 
    Managing staff 
    StrAU 2 Leader – Andrey A. Zamyatnin, born in 1976, PhD, h=15. Head of the Research institute for molecular medicine, Head of the Laboratory for molecular biology and biochemistry, Professor, Biological chemistry department. Member of editorial boards of 4 international scientific journals; Expert of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Russian Science Foundation and Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises; Head of diverse international projects. 
    Key staff 
    • Andrey Z. Vinarov, MD, PhD, DMSc, Professor, Urology Department, (h=11), research focus: regenerative medicine in urology 
    • Tatiana G. Diuzheva, MD, PhD, DMSc, Head of hepatopancreatobiliary and regenerative surgery department, Professor, Winner of the Russian Federation Government Prize (h=10), research focus: regenerative medicine 
    • Dmitriy V. Zaletaev, PhD, DBioSc, Head of the Laboratory of human molecular genetics, Professor (h= 9), research focus: molecular genetics 
    • Alexey A. Ivanov, MD, PhD, DMSc,Vice-Director of the Research Institute of molecular medicine, professor, double-Winner of the Russian Federation Government Prize (h=15), research focus: molecular medicine, cellular biology 
    • Anatoly B. Shekhter, MD, PhD, DMSc, Head of the Laboratory of experimental pathomorphology, Professor, Winner of the Russian Federation Government Prize (h=15), research focus: cellular technologies, regenerative medicine 
    Management system 
    • The StrAU Leader; 
    • The StrAU Operation Council; 
    The StrAU 2 Leader is in charge of day-to-day management, planning, administration. The StrAU 2 Leader is a member of the Program Management Committee. 
    The StrAU Operation Council includes the StrAU Leader and the StrAU unit managers. The Council is responsible for performance and development.
    StrAU 1 academic headcount – 281; average age – 45.
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