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Primus inter pares

    StrAU 2 Vision

    StrAU 2 VISION
    Regenerative and molecular medicine   
    Molecular medicine deals with detection of molecular targets common for certain diseases, that is the key to innovative diagnostics, whilst regenerative medicine’s subject is reconstruction of damaged organic tissues. Both offer quite topical research agenda including the bioprinting technologies, which are crucial for transplantation pratice.   
    Research vectors   
    • Molecular targeting for early diagnosis   
    • Invention of innovative diagnostic toolkits for chronic and communicable diseases   
    • Development of new cell and tissue engineering products.   
    Key partners   
    • University of Turku   
    • Åbo Akademy University   
    • Wake Forest University   
    • Federal Russian Institute of Agricultural   
    • V.N. Orehovich Institute of Biomedical   
    • Saint-Petersburg State Chemical-Pharmaceutical Academy   
    • LLC VVC-Lab   
    Structural and genomic bioinformatics, chemoinformatics   
    Structural and genomic bioinformatics offers advanced data analysis which allows to detecting potential pathologies, Chemoinformatics adjusts compound analysis and facilitating drug design.   
    Research vectors   
    • Implementation of brand new computational methodologies and digital technologies in bioinformatics   
    • Development of new tools for analysis, modelling and forecasting of physical, chemical and biological properties of compounds   
    • Specification of technological basics for computer drug design using fast path scheduling methods   
    • Invention of protein inhibitors for anti-diabetic medicines using polyethyleneterephthalate and in-silico technologies   
    • Creation of technological platform for subpeptide based innovative drugs   
    Key partners   
    • Université Montpellier   
    • Kyungpook National University   
    • GeneXplain GmbH   
    Translational Medicine Centre   
    The Centre is a full-cycle research institution encompassing drug design, innovative medical equipment and devices. The Centre is panned to generate the bulk of the University’s applied research and commercialize the best practices by establishing small enterprises and partnerships in collaboration with the industrial majors.   
    Key partners   
    • Harbin Medical University (HMU), China   
    • Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University), Bauman Moscow State Technical University   
    • Lomonosov Moscow State University