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Primus inter pares

Strategic Academic Unit 3

Strategic Academic Unit 3 (StrAU 3). INTEND & EXPAND
Knowledge-intensive health services and life quality improvement technologies

First MSMU holds and operates the largest clinical base among medical universities both in Russia and abroad, which naturally spurs industrial cooperation, specifically joint clinical trials of brand-new drugs and technologies. Moreover, medical services is a substantial source of the University's income.
StrAU 3 goals 
• Upgrading medical services to meet the world standards by implementation of new unique and knowledge-intensive technologies
• Transformation of FMSMU into versatile base for training and continuous education of clinician-scientists with competencies appropriate to deliver high-tech medical services, to test and practice new methods of diagnostics and treatment. 
StrAU 3 coverage
• General practitioner training of world class 
• Setting new continuous education standards 
• Development of accreditation programs complying with world best practices 
• Introduction of medical services compliance system 
• International accreditation of medical facilities (JCI or similar) 
StrAU 3 key external stakeholders
• Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation 
• Subjects of the Russian Federation 
• Medical universities 
• Society 
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StrAU 3 expected overall output
• Increased quality of student high-tech practical training 
• Autonomous clinical base as a platform for industrial cooperation and clinical trials of drugs and medical technologies 
• Extra income from medical services through greater share of knowledge-intensive solutions 
• Enhanced global brand awareness and reputation of the University as a world-class comprehensive healthcare centre