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Primus inter pares

    StrAU 3 Clinical Activities

    First MSMU owns the largest clinical base among the medical universities worldwide.
    FMSMU Clinical Centre 
    • University clinic № 1 (800 beds) 
    • University clinic № 2 (800 beds) 
    • University clinic № 3 (692 beds) 
    • University paediatric clinic (222 beds) 
    • University clinic for phthisiopulmonology (386 beds) 
    • Centre for recovery and rehabilitation (100 beds) 
    • Clinical and diagnostic centre 
    • Laboratory service 
    • Blood centre 
    • University clinic № 4 (former CCH №61 acquired in December 2015.) 
    By 2020, FMSMU plans to set up the National Clinical Centre for Predictive Medicine with a health bank as a model medical establishment offering knowledge-intensive medical services in the following fields: 
    • Predictive medicine both for patients and able-bodied 
    • High-tech sparing surgery 
    • Clinical trials of new drugs, medical equipment and new medical technologies 
    The University clinics are supposed to become the modern base for training and continuous education of physician scientists. The key objective of the Clinical Centre is the development and promotion of an innovative medical care based on health banking employing health management strategies for able-bodied, personalized treatment and prevention approaches. Lifelong follow-up for the patient and his/her family will be the key element of the system. 
    Modernization and refurbishment
    During the upcoming 5-year period, four university clinics will be modernized and reequipped targeting at: 
    • Predictive medicine (screening, diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation, medical follow-up, health banking) 
    • Sparing surgery 
    • Clinical trials of new drugs and medical equipment 
    Introduction of Compliance System 
    The Compliance System is the guarantee of high performace marking FMSMU clinical activities. Setting the standards of knowledge-intensive medical services the FMSMU Compliance System is going to reproduce best practices (the target KPI is the rate of brand loyal patients). 
    PPPM-oriented policies
    National Clinical Centre for Predictive Medicine (NCPM) reinforced with the health bank will be reorganized to follow the principles of predictive medicine: 
    • Maximum personalized risk screening and individualized health preservation programs; 
    • Early diagnostics involving most accurate express examination methods (point of care diagnosis) 
    • Treatment methods aimed and maximum functional recovery/preservation of affected organ or system 
    • Medical care continuum 
    • Personified health banking 
    International accreditation of medical facilities (JCI or similar)
    Joint Commission International (JCI) is the leading accreditation and certification body encompassing both training and consultation. Healthcare facilities evaluation criteria are formed within the International Patient Safety Goals (IPSG). 
    JCI accreditation as the global grade mark of medical care excellence enabling greater patients’ brand loyalty together with extensive involvement of international staff is considered to be the key competitive advantage of the NCPM.
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