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Primus inter pares

    StrAU 3 Educational Activities

    General practitioner training system 
    The World Health Organization considers primary health care is one of the leading tools in public health strategy urging for new standards in health personnel training. A general practitioner is to cover comprehensive primary healthcare comprising specific competences: 
    • Treatment and prevention coordination within one’s practice 
    • Family/household health monitoring 
    • Urgent and emergency healthcare 
    • Necessary and sufficient healthcare estimation 
    • Organizational activity within local community 
    General practitioner system is meant to mitigate resource-consuming in-patient and emergency healthcare by increasing the primary care performance. 
    Clinician-scientist training system 
    The FMSMU clinic infrastructure, which is being moulded for training of competent clinician-scientist oriented towards implementation of new diagnostic and treatment methods, comprises the following components: 
    • Healthcare continuum system 
    • 24h diagnostic departments considered as advanced treatment technological hubs certified for approbation of new drugs and medical equipment not included in the standard protocols 
    • Treatment management IT-system including continuous registration, data storage and quality control 
    • The university chairs are planned to become the leadership centres involving top specialists 
    Hands-on training in robot assisted technologies 
    Robot assisted surgery is considered one of the main breakthroughs in history of surgery. The robot assisted operations are less invasive, take less time and efforts, and the patient’s recovery period is shorter. The US clinics employ 2200 daVinci robots assisting at up to 90% of particular surgical operations, whilst back in Russia just 25 daVinci surgical systems available, let alone the shortage of specifically skilled surgeons, assistants, anesthesiology teams, nurses and engineers. 
    In 2015 the FMSMU Clinical Centre put into service the high-tech operation theater equipped with DaVinciSi complex of two surgical consoles – the pilot installation for the first Russian robot-assisted surgery training centre.