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Primus inter pares

    StrAU 3 Organization Chart

    The initial StrAU 3 stage involves the following FMSMU departments: 
    • FMSMU Clinical Centre 
    • Institute for Post-graduate Training 
    • Accreditation Methodology Centre 
    Managing staff 
    The StrAU 3 Leader: Viktor V. Fomin 
    Vice-Rector for University Clinics, First MSMU, M.D.,Prof., DMSc. 
    Key staff 
    • Olga S. Volkova, Director, Clinical centre, First MSMU 
    Responsibilities: Clinical centre modernization, setting up of National clinical centre for predictive medicine with health bank 
    • Ekaterina L. Kuznetsova, Head, Department of medical activity organization and quality control , PhD 
    Responsibilities: development of medical services quality control system, international accreditation of medical activities 
    • Evgenia V. Shikh, M.D.,Prof., DMSc, Director, Institute for continuous education 
    Responsibilities: restructuring of post-graduate education system 
    • Jeanne M. Sizova, M.D.,Prof., DMSc, Director, National centre for medical personnel accreditation 
    Responsibilities: international accreditation of medical personnel and post-graduate training programs 
    Management system 
    • StrAU 3 Leader 
    • StrAU 3 Operation Council 
    StrAU 3 Leader is in charge of day-to-day management, planning, administration. The StrAU Leader is a member of the Program Management Committee. 
    StrAU 3 Operation Council incorporates the StrAU 3 Leader and heads of the departments involved. Operative Council is responsible for coordination and internal project management.
    StrAU 3 academic headcount – 68. Average age – 42.
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