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Primus inter pares

    StrAU 3 Standardization and Certification Systems

    New organizational and technological approaches in healthcare require regular validation of personnel based on individual standardized criteria within the postgraduate training system highlighting: 
    • Increased motivation towards continuous training in line with LLL (Life Long Learning) philosophy   
    • Integration of top-ranked specialists in postgraduate healthcare training system through leadership centres 
    • Introduction of international specialist accreditation system 
    • Involvement of professional associations to enhance the validation system
    Key principles  
    CME (continuous medical education) – the healthcare professionals accreditation system based on credits (CME credits), certifying individual service packages and activities. 
    CPD (continuous professional development) – the extended methodology of supporting the healthcare competences, including leadership, management and team building, healthcare ethics, communication and IT skills based on an individual development plan and regular professional validation. 
    The NCPM will evolve into scientific and educational ecosystem concentrating healthcare professionals on breakthrough healthcare challenges, facilitating competence transfer to the students. Implementation of leader involvement principle is the key to postgraduate professional training system restructuring alongside with transformation of the university chairs into the leadership centres. 
    Accreditation programs harmonized with world’s best practices
    FMSMU is the only body assigned and authorized to develop legal procedures, evaluation metodology and scenarios of accreditation. Being a part of the StrAU 3, Accreditation Methods Centre is responsible for:
    • Evaluation metodology intended for professioal accreditation
    • Development and upgrade of accreditation experts training programs
    • Accreditation experts training
    • Development and maintaining of accreditation experts registry
    • Appellations processing
    • Public informing on accreditation rules and procedures