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Primus inter pares

Strategic Academic Unit 4

Strategic Academic Unit 4 (StrAU 4). BEACON OF THE WISE
National healthcare system remodelling paths

Nowadays, the Russian healthcare faces dramatic challenges associated with growing demands in terms of healthcare performance against the background of technological and intellectual globalization. The StrAU 4 key objectives are to promote the convergence of Russian and international healthcare standards, and also to facilitate launching of advanced healthcare management practices.

StrAU 4 goals 

• Reinforcing the FMSMU reputation of trendsetter in Russian healthcare 
• Becoming the dispatching hub for harmonization of domestic and international healthcare
• Closer international partnership with industrial leaders      
• Higher international awareness of the FMSMU brand
• Joining world industrial leadership associations  

StrAU 4 coverage

• Harmonization of Russian and international healthcare standards, individualization of healthcare decision-making 
• Synchronization of Russian and international medical training requirements 
• Development of training programmes for healthcare managers and economists, including international networking using up-to-date information and communication technologies 
• Establishment of unified standards for medical papers generation and processing, implementation of the best world practices 
• Specification of performance criteria and effective contract principles for healthcare personnel 
• Customization of versatile IT-solutions for healthcare management 
• Implementation of information and analytical systems for remote management and monitoring of health status 

StrAU 4 key external stakeholders

• Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation 
• Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation 
• Health departments and ministries of Federal Subjects of Russia 
• Compulsory Health Insurance Funds, Insurance Companies within the Compulsory Health Insurance System
• Global health industry majors 
• Society


StrAU 4 expected overall output

• Implementation of advanced management models and e-Health technologies into Russian healthcare system 
• Sustainability and efficiency of healthcare management system 
• Higher healthcare and life quality standards 
• Repositioning Russia as global and regional sponsor of the UN Sustainable Development Goals