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Primus inter pares

    StrAU 4 Educational Activities

    There is a demand for interdisciplinary specialists, creative competences in international projects (command of two or more languages), additional professional competence (communication activity, operation of large amount of information), metacompetences (system and algorithmic thinking, quick learning and retraining, self-development and self-organization). 
    The First MSMU/WHO Collaborating Centre will be also drawn to training and educating of health policy-makers using, in particular, the expertise of the FMSMU alumni who work as leading WHO experts in healthcare management, hospital CEOs, leading specialists in the Ministries of Health in many countries throughout the world etc.
    Network Medical University MedPharmTrain
    Network Medical University MedPharmTrain is the major educational facility of the StrAU 4. The students run for “double degree”. The peculiarity of the programme is individual curriculum tailored for acquiring specific competences in the partner universities, which hold leading positions in respective areas of knowledge.
    Key partners
    • Leeds Universiry (Great Britain)
    • Hybernia College (Ireland)
    • Steibassunversitat (Germany)
    • Harbin University (China)
    • West-Kazakhstan University (Kazakhstan) 
    Prospective partners
    • Varna University (Bulgaria)
    • Cape Town University (South Africa)
    • Azerbaijan University (Azerbaijan)
    • Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China)

    The demands of innovative medicine and economy urge the transition from mere professional skills to definite competences meeting the requirement to hi-perf specialists. The emerging market environment offers the most promising opportunities of constituting “competence clusters” of the future. FMSMU has articulated the general competence range for its future graduates throughout the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.
    Distinctive and potential competences
    • Communication (interpersonal contacts within professional activities)
    • Instrumental (technical, technological and operational activities)
    • Basic professional (management, projecting, forecasting, organizational interaction)
    • Special professional (technological activity in the adjacent market segments) 
    Additional professional training programmes
    • Prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases, health care organization and public health – for health policy-makers and officials (joint project with the WHO Office for Europe) 
    • European Union public health and healthcare – for health policy-makers (joint project with European Commission Erasmus +) 
    • Healthcare organization and public health – for heads and vice-heads of health departments and ministries in the Federal subjects of the Russian Federation, and also for senior healthcare managers; 
    • Efficient management of a medical establishments – for healthcare CEOs and CFOs 
    First MSMU is going to use both partnership training programmes (PTP) with foreign partner-universities and network training. 
    Upcoming structural shift

    Number of students



    Master programme in Economy and Management



    Master programme in Public Health



    Internship programme in Organization of Healthcare and Public Health



    Network medical university MedPharmTrain