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Primus inter pares

    StrAU 4 Organization Chart

    StrAU 4 initial structure integrates the following First MSMU departments:
    • Healthcare Management School 
    • Scientific and Research Institute for Public Health and Health Management 
    • MedPharmTrain 
    • Chair for Public Health and Preventive Medicine
    • Chair for Healthcare Management and Drug Management 
    • Chair for Healthcare Organization, Informatization and Non-communicable Diseases Prevention 
    StrAU 4 development milestones
    • 2017 – setting up of the centre for research and education Telecommunication Technologies in Medicine 
    • 2020 – establishment of the Institute for Telecommunication Technologies in Medicine 
    Managing staff
    The StrAU 4 Leader: Andrey V. Belostotsky, Head of the Chair for Healthcare Organization and Public Health, the First MSMU M.D.,Prof., DMSc. Dr. Belostotsky has big managerial experience in the health system development of the regional and federal levels, for a long period Dr. Belostotsky took managerial positions in the Russian Healthcare System. 
    Key staff 
    • Ruslan A. Khalfin, Head of the High School of Healthcare Management, responsible for the education programmemes and professional training 
    • Anatoly I. Vyalkov, Head of the Research institute of public healthcare and healthcare management, responsible for healthcare management technologies development 
    • Andrey P. Stolbov, Deputy-director of the High School of Healthcare Management, responsible for development of telecommunication technologies in medicine
    Management system
    • The StrAU Leader 
    • The StrAU Operation Council 
    The StrAU 4 Leader is in charge of day-to-day management, planning, administration. The StrAU 4 Leader is a member of the Programme Management Committee. 
    The StrAU 4 Operation Council includes the StrAU Leader and the StrAU unit managers. The Council is responsible for the StrAU performance and development.
    StrAU 4 academic headcount – 51. Average age – 48.
    Org Chart copy.jpg