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Primus inter pares

    StrAU 4 Research Activities

    Risk-free approach in healthcare management
    Employing risk management tools in healthcare increase accessibility, safety and quality of medical services. Nowadays, diverse data storing and information processing applications are widely used in healthcare to generate individual clinical solutions based on variance analysis and other means of risk management. Within this research field FMSMU plans to conceive the heuristic models of clinical risks assessment. 
    Result-oriented solutions for Russian healthcare system
    • Implementation of versatile IT-solutions for healthcare establishments 
    • Systematization and unification of medical document circulation 
    • Development of healthcare personnel performance criteria
    Telemedicine solutions 
    Telemedicine is one of the most avant-garde medical spheres, which is literally booming now. The First MSMU Clinical Centre possess resources and infrastructure enabling introduction of telemedicine services and solutions, such as: 
    • Telepathology – remote morphological studies of pathological processes 
    • Teleradiology – translation of radiological test results 
    • Telerehabilitation – remote recovery follow-up 
    For further development of telemedicine technologies First MSMU plans to establish a research and education facility Telecommunication Technologies in Medicine to be focused on: 
    • Standardization and solution of compatibility issues 
    • Feasibility of telemedicine solutions 
    • Innovative telemedicine methodologies of technologies 
    • Development of Russian telemedicine technological platforms (remote human health monitoring, web consulting etc.) 
    Tenders for new research departments and laboratories
    The system of scientific and research tenders in First MSMU encourages competitiveness of research efforts of the newly organized departments, such as: 
    • Laboratory for personalized medical prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases 
    • Laboratory for ecological, epidemiological and biomonitoring studies 
    Invited international faculty 
    As for February 2016, First MSMU proceeds negotiations with the following world-class research and training specialists: 
    • Puska Pekka, Finland National Institute for Health & Welfare (Hirsch index in SСOPUS – 59) 
    • Golubnitchaya Olga, Bonn, Germany, editor-in-chief, “EPMA” (Hirsch index in SСOPUS - 22) 
    • KnudsenLisbeth, Copenhagen University (Hirsch index in SСOPUS - 40)
    • Linton, Jonathan D. E., Ottawa University (Hirsch index in SСOPUS – 23)