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    First MSMU international students references on their alma mater

    Гашимова Нилуфар, Азербайджан.png
    Nilufar Hashimova, Azerbaijan
    Since childhood I wanted to become a doctor. The only and the best solution for me was to learnthe profession at the I.M. Sechenov First MSMU, because there is a good attitude to foreign students from both teachers, doctors and patients. Here, I'll get the maximum amount of not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills that are very important for the medical profession and give a lot of opportunities in the future. 
    I live for quite a long time in Russia, and it has become a second home for me. After graduation, I plan to enter the residency.
    Ян Яньбинь, Китай.png
    Yang Yanbin, China
    When my uncle learnt that I want to become a doctor, he advised me to enter the I.M. Sechenov First MSMU. I believe that it is the best university in Russia, so I study there. 
    The training system is very convenient. We are helped to overcome the language barrier. At each class of the clinical departments we study theoretical courses and then go to patients to practice and reinforce the material learnt. Together with teachers discuss interesting medical cases, and present at the operations. 
    After graduation I plan to finish the residency and then come back to work in China.
    Безуиденхут Линн-Кази, Намибия.png
    Linn-Kazee Arantxa Bezuidenhout, Namibia
    In our country there is a special program by which we are sent to study at Moscow and are paid the tuition fee. After graduation I will come back to Namibia to work as a pediatrician. 
    I am learning in English. At the I.M. Sechenov First MSMU there is a very good system of education, because it allows us to be the best. Here we have the high level of teaching. Our teachers give information in an easy to understand form, the make us think. 
    I really like Russia and the Russian people. I have no problems in communicating with people. In the process of learning I also master the Russian language. In the future, I plan to acquire good command of it.
    Умар Бин Мат Яакоб, Малайзия.png
     Umar bin Mat Yaacob, Malaysia
    After finishing high school in Malaysia, I received a government scholarship, and I was sent to Russia to study medicine. Thus, my parents do not have to pay tuition fees. My sister graduated from medical university in Malaysia and already works as a doctor. 
    I want to become a heart surgeon, because it is a very interesting profession. At the I.M. Sechenov First MSMUwe have all the conditions for the successful study of my chosen profession, and to further the practical application of the knowledge gained. 
    After graduation and residency, I plan to come back home.
    Журиех Мохаммад Аднан, Сирия.png
    Mohammad Adnan Jourieh, Syria
    In Syria the medical profession is very popular. My father is a practicing doctor having his clinic. He graduated from the Medical Institute in Russia and knows very well the Russian language. 
    Most young people of our country normally go to study in Germany and Russia. I decided to enroll at the I.M. Sechenov First MSMU. There are a huge number of special programs, simulators, allowing to acquire the necessary professional skills and theoretical knowledge that later will be handy at practice in the clinic, when I get back home. 

    Academic excellence and active participation in the scientific and sporting life of the I.M. Sechenov First MSMU international students is acknowledged
    Students of the Dean’s Office for International students of the I.M. Sechenov First MSMU, awarded in 2015 with Diplomas and Letters of Acknowledgement by the Rector of the University for academic excellence and active participation in the scientific and sporting life.

    1. Romeo Yeboah Boaheng (Ghana), specialty "General Medicine", graduate of 2015. 
    2. Koroma Theresa Ruba (Sierra Leone), specialty "General Medicine", graduate of 2015 
    3. Deenissha Katirber (Malaysia), specialty "General Medicine", graduate of 2015. 
    4. Kow Jun Yi (Malaysia), specialty "General Medicine", graduate of 2015. 
    5. Tee Heng Seong (Malaysia), specialty "General Medicine", graduate of 2015. 
    6. Nur Syafiqah Binti Darman Shah (Malaysia), specialty "General Medicine", graduate of 2015. 
    7. Poonam Preetkaur Bhar Amrick Singh (Malaysia), specialty "General Medicine", graduate of 2015. 
    8. Muhammad Naqib Bin Mohamed (Malaysia), specialty "General Medicine", graduate of 2015. 
    9. Jamalova Fariz Qizi Hilala (Azerbaijan), specialty "General Medicine", graduate of 2015. 
    10. Ooi Kar Key (Malaysia), specialty "General Medicine", 5th year, group 83. 
    11. Barya Kamel (Afghanistan), specialty "General Medicine", 5th year, group 75. 
    12. Zurba Anastassia (Estonia), specialty "General Medicine", 5th year, group 18. 
    13. Mbroh Joshua Kobina (Ghana), specialty "General Medicine", 5th year, group 68. 
    14. Yakubu Amin (Ghana), specialty "General Medicine", 5th year, group 74 
    15. Dovgan Alina (Uzbekistan), specialty "General Medicine", 4th year, group 83. 
    16. Khazhakyan Mariam (Armenia), specialty "Dentistry", 4th year, group 16. 
    17. Yeoh Aun Yee (Malaysia), specialty "General Medicine", 6th year, group 83. 
    18. Nikitina Irina (Republic of Belarus), specialty "General Medicine", 6th year, group 19. 
    19. Mirzagalamova Dilyara (Kazakhstan), specialty "General Medicine", 4th year, group 46. 
    20. Panakhov Panakh Ahliman ogly (Azerbaijan), specialty "General Medicine", 4th year, group 12. 
    21. Navrotskaya Diana (Ukraine) specialty "General Medicine", 3d year, group 46.

    Our international students did well at the final of the contest Miss First MSMU-2015
    Мисс МГМУ 2015_07.jpg

    On November 27, 2015 the concert hall "Korolyovskiy» in Ostankino hosted the final of the contest Miss First MSMU-2015.

    "Beauty and talent contest of the most prestigious universities in the country - the I.M. Sechenov First MSMU – is a colorful and professionally staged show and a high level student iconic event of the art life in Moscow", - says the official report of the university. The main idea of ​​the contest - the positioning of a medical student as a holistic image of a modern, bright, talented person and a future doctor or pharmacist. 
    At the initiative of the Cultural Center of New Art the Contest "Miss First MSMU" started in 2011, and in 2013 for the first time international students joined in the competition. 
    Ms Victoria Korolyova from Ukraine, a participant of Competition-2013 won the title of Vice-Miss. In 2014 Alina Kulusubova from Turkmenistan became Miss Grace. This year competition - 2015 special prize "Miss Charm" went to a citizen of Azerbaijan Seldzhan Babayeva.

    Among the nine participants Seldzhan was the brightest. She naturally looked in the eastern attire and her dance - "The Fountain of Bakhchisarai" gave the audience a true delight: sensuality, grace, high emotional performance as the best way to capture the essence of dance and perfection of movements of a dancer. 
    Ms Seldzhan easily answered all the questions of intellectual competition. “Business card” of the girl showed her mercy and compassion for veterans.
    Мисс МГМУ 2015_10.jpg

    Мисс МГМУ 2015_06.jpg
    Apart from the main practice, Seldzhan for the third consecutive year, on her own initiative takes duty shifts in the oncology surgical department of hospital №1. 
    As a part of the contest the girls were dressed in robes and medical gowns. Our Seldzhan with chic haircut, emerald dress won the sympathy of many sponsors of the event: Elysee_dress, Candy Sweet, Elit Zaykins, CM-Clinic, Bronze paradise, Sofi strokatto, Volunteer doctors, Russian doctors, Pearlsmile, Santa + Karmolis, Academy of medical fashion etc. 
    We are proud of our girls, they all are really very beautiful, bright and talented. They learn well, play sports, are creative personalities, like their future occupation and dream to become real professionals. We join in the words of the director of the contest Olga Zakharova, that "a contest - it's a little bit of luck and good fortune, like at exams ... you all are winners, because for you ... are opened new doors, new opportunities! ... Ahead there a lot of nice new achievements and wins! " 
    Dr. Natalia Kazakova, PhD, Deputy Dean for international students

    All Russian Olympiad on Normal Physiology was held at MSMU
    The event started on 26 November 2015, at Sechenov physiology building at Mokhovaya street, Moscow. There were totally 27 team groups from different parts of the Russian Federation. The First MSMU (international team) was represented by a five strong team of 3–5-year students under the name “Victorious”:
    Assistant prof. Vladimir F. Volkov is giving lecture about Ivan M. Sechenov biography.png1. Choong Khai Munn group 86, 5th year – additional participant
    2. Chung Min Jiun, group 90, 5th year
    3. Madhubrata Ghosh, group 81, 4th year
    4. Chew Jet Soob, group 92, 3d year
    5. Goh Jin Fei, group 92
    After the registration lecture session started. Three lectures were given to all participants. Topics for discussion were Systemic regulation of physiological functions by HOD of normal physiology of MSMU prof. Alexsey E. Umriukhin. 

    Hypothesis of a two-stage mechanism of positive reinforcement by director of Research Institute of Normal Physiology prof. Sergei K. Sudakov and Ivan M. Sechenov biography by assistant prof. of physiology department Vladimir F. Volkov.
    First and second parts of the contest, namely “Physiology quiz” and “Physiology crossword” started at 1430. We have done it smoothly. First day of competition ended with a visit to Ivan M. Sechenov mini museum directed by assistant prof. Vladimir F. Volkov and assistant prof. E.Ionkina. The second day of competition (27 November 2015) started at 10.00. Three parts of that day contest included: the first part – “Historical Quiz”, the second part – “Functional Systems” and the third and the last part – “Competition on Practical Skills”.

    Group photo with assistant prof. Elena G. Ionkina.png


    All the three parts of the contest were done by 15.00. We were then gathered at the second floor of the lecture hall.
    Firstly, a short film was presented to us. After that, the results were being announced and prizes were given to the corresponding teams. We did not win the main prize, but due to our enthusiasm and multiple efforts to compete with the best Russian students in different fields of Physiology our team and all the members were awarded by memorial charts of participants and by the special prize “Will to Win” (and small statuette of Frog!).
    by Chung Min Jiun

    First Med Students took part in the 13th Inter-Medical School Physiology Quiz

    Новый рисунок_02.png

    Four students from I.M Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University participated in the 13th Inter-Medical School Physiology Quiz (IMSOQ). The event was held at the University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 12th and 13th August 2015. The First Med participants were Khaled, Siti Aisyah Aqilah, Chen Zhi Tian and Stephanie Goh.
    The event was held for two consecutive days and included two parts of the competition. On the first day of the event all the contestants from ninety-two different universities from over 35 countries wrote their multiple-question answers. The quiz session lasted for two hours. It began at ten in the morning and ended at twelve noon. The organizers provided all the participants with lunch. Later at night, there was a cultural event at the University. All of the contestants were invited and entertained by local cultural performances. In addition, the results of the quiz session of the competition were announced by Dr. Cheng Hwee Ming at the event and forty universities were chosen for the final round. The next day of the competition was the final round. It was an oral session. Out of the forty universities Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia won the competition.
    Such events are extremely popular with students all over the world. Their participants have a unique opportunity not only to objectively assess their own level of training, but also to join the community of the future health professionals, establish friendships and business relationships, see the world and broaden their horizons.
    I.M. Sechenov First MSMU is not only an active participant in these useful activities, but also regularly serves as its organizer. Thus, in November 2015 on the basis of our university will be held the Second all-Russian student competition on the normal physiology, in which international students will perform with their own team. They also plan to take part in the 14th International Olympiad on physiology, which will take place in the summer of 2016 in Indonesia. 

    Новый рисунок_03.pngФото02.png 

    Two senior students from First Med took part in the Ariel Foundation Changemakers Summit

    Ariel Summit

    From the 18th to the 20th of February 2015, young people from around the world took part in the Ariel Foundation Changemakers Summit on “the Right to Health and Access to Medicines” at the United Nations with the purpose of promoting the voice of the youth on global issues. Our voice projected the opinion that the Right to Health concerns more than just access to medicines. Young people represent 25% of the world’s population and we should be given the chance we deserve to fix this world. An underlying issue is the need to increase public awareness of the Right to Health and the economic, political, social and logistical obstacles to accessing medicines. Two senior students from First Med took part in all the sessions and round tables of the Summit.
    Awareness and acceptance of mental health issues is not sufficient. It is recommended that on a national level, educational initiatives must be taken to raise awareness of the varied and numerous mental issue and a culturally sensitive approach taken to tackling the stigmas surrounding the issue. The lack of especially trained psychiatrists in many countries was also identified. One concrete solution proposed was the provision of intensive psychiatric training to existing medical practitioners. There is also a lack of focus upon mental health on an international level, a solidarity campaign similar to “HeforShe” should be implemented. Moreover, mental health should be included within the Sustainable Development Goals. Goal 3.4 of the current proposals simply mandates the promotion of “mental health and wellbeing”, this is not sufficient. The mentally ill are a marginalized group yet unlike women and children, they are not subjects of legally binding international covenant. As a long-term goal, it is recommended that a comprehensive international legal framework protecting the rights of those with mental health issues be created.
    Besides that, there are two groups of persons omitted from this discourse. The first group is women denied access to abortion procedures services after being raped in conflict. Secondly, we believe that individuals involved in the sex industry should be protected under any programs implemented in relation to the Right to Health.
    Punam Bhar, 6th year student

    International students took active part in Sports Festival in Ryazan


    International students actively involved in sports Festival "Physical Culture and Sports - second profession of a physician", the final phase of which was held on April 2-5 in Ryazan, a city 180 km. South East to Moscow. The competition was attended by 54 teams of medical and pharmaceutical universities of Russia.
    Our University this year participated in the following sports: chess, swimming, badminton, streetball female, male and female volleyball. Chess players and male volleyball team won "silver", streetball and badminton - "bronze", fifth place was taken by women's volleyball team, swimmers were the sixth.
    In the team total, athletes of the I.M. Sechenov First MSMU won the third place at the Festival.
    Significant contribution to the successful performance in badminton competition was made by the international team of the First Med that included: Pham Viet Anh (Vietnam, captain), Aravinthaan Supramaniam, Kow Jun Yi, Deenissha Katirber (all Malaysia), Valeria Averina and Catherine Ovsyannikova (both Russia). Coach - M. Berezovsky.
    Perfectly performed our badminton players in male doubles – they beat all their rivals. Second place in the men's singles got Pham Viet Anh, who lost only to his strong opponent from Nizhny Novgorod.
    In the fight for the 3rd place our students defeated a strong team of Kursk State Medical University.

    An Introductory Lecture on USMLE

    On March 16, 2015 at the initiative of Dean’s office for International Students and International Students Scientific Association (ISSA), was held f lecture on United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), delivered by Dr. Inder Pahal – Regional Director of Kaplan Medical. This lecture was aimed to introduce the United States Licensure pathway to medical students and graduates as well as to help them in achieving the US medical residency (graduate medical training) goals. Students fr om both Russian and International Faculties attended this prestigious lecture.

    USMLE 2015

    According to Dr. Inder Pahal, this crucial exam assesses the ability of a physician to apply his/her knowledge and principles besides in demonstrating the fundamental patient-centered skills. It is of great importance in patient’s health and that constitutes the basis of efficacious patient care.
    Next, the USMLE steps were explained to the students. The exam comprises of three steps which is called Step 1, Step2 CK/Step 2 CS and Step 3, respectively. In Step 1, candidates are tested the knowledge in Basic Sciences. In Step 2, the medical knowledge and skills are tested, these are essential for the provision of patient care under supervision, and includes emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention. Wh ereas in Step 3, the understandings of biomedical and clinical science vital for the unsupervised practice of medicine play a pivotal role, with emphasis on patient management in ambulatory settings. Recent examination trends and changes in the examination formats were also discussed.
    At the latter part of the lecture, Dr. Inder Pahal explained the Residency application process, strategies, and International Medical Graduates (IMGs) trends as well as statistical data. He mentioned that for medical graduates from non-US countries, it is necessary to have the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) certification, accredited by Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). It is essential for a candidate in taking the Step 3 of the USMLE. The lecture resumed by a Q&A session, in which both Russian students and International students have shown great enthusiasm in asking engaging questions.
    Before concluding the lecture, Dr. Inder Pahal was presented with a token of appreciation and a group picture was taken.
    On behalf of ISSA Ooi Kar Key (4th year), International Faculty

    I.M. Sechenov First MSMU international students took part in the International Student Festival in Trondheim (ISFiT), Norway.

    Trrondheim.pngIn the middle of February two 1st MSMU international students – Julius Kwedhi and Agnes Nenkama of Namibia – took part in the International Student Festival in Trondheim (ISFiT), Norway, which is considered to be the world’s largest international student festival.
    ISFiT is a non-profit organization and is brought to life with the efforts of more than 400 student volunteers. The vision of ISFiT is to create a better future for young people in the world. ISFiT is arranged every other year, and each festival has a theme related to social and political topics with international relevance. The festival is held in the city of Trondheim, Norway. Here, over 450 students fr om all over the world gather to attend 18 different workshops and take part in the cultural program of the festival.
    ISFiT 2015 took place fr om 5 to 15 February 2015, and the theme was corruption.

    “Corruption undermines democracy and the rule of law, leads to violations of human rights, distorts markets, erodes the quality of life and allows organized crime, terrorism and other threats to human security to flourish” - Kofi Annan.
    Julius Kwedhi says:
    “I was placed in the Health Workshop with 23 other vibrant and brilliant minds from Nigeria, Ghana, Lithuania, Latvia, Argentina, Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Sierra Leon, Portugal, Palestine, USA, Germany, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Cambodia, Thailand, Argentina and Norway.
    As the overarching theme of this year event was Corruption, students had some very practical and challenging case studies we had to wrestle with and to come up with solutions to the corrupt situations presented in the case studies. We had a great time bonding as the Health Workshop, and we also got time to bond with students from thirteen other workshops in the evenings during the plenary sessions that hosted guest speakers from the World Bank, Transparency International as well as other world recognized institutions.
    In conclusion to the overarching theme of Corruption, we hand the first ever ISFiT parliament session in which three resolutions were passed and will be handed to the United Nations as the solutions that the students of the world have come up with and are suggesting to the UN to implement in order to combat and alleviate the issue of corruption in the world. I am happy to announce that two of those three resolutions wh ere suggested by the Health Workshop. And they are a combination of our suggestion together with those of other Workshop Groups that sounded very similar to our suggestion.
    We did not only get to discuss about corruption, but we also got to talk about deep and often painful moral and ethical issues that make news headlines in our world today. We talked about such issues as homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia and rape among others. These stood out as they always do wh erever they are discussed. As we discussed these issues we were introduced to the method of dialogue. Dialogue allows members of the pro- and anti- groups to say out their opinion.
    I was privileged to be among the first three ISFiT participants to be featured on the live online streaming of ISFiT on the evening of the Opening Ceremony. I was also featured on another interview. It was a very great experience. There is a lot to learn and a lot to give as well.”
    Reporting to the Dean for international students prof. Oleg Glazachev on their experience at the Forum, Namibian students thanked the Dean for vital support for their trip. They also proposed to send a stronger team of 8-10 students to represent I.M. Sechenov First Med at the next ISFiT 2017.

    Introductory Lecture on Internal Medicine

    ISSA speaks on

    On April 24th, 2014 at the initiative of Dean’s office for International Students and International Students Scientific Association (ISSA), held the lecture “Internal Medicine, case-based Learning and sources of Medical Information”, delivered by Dr. Mikhail V. Pisarev – associate professor of I. M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University.
    During the initial part of the lecture, students were introduced to the term - MEDICINE. “Medicine is not only a skill of reasoning, but also an art of communication” – said Dr. Mikhail V. Pisarev. By quoting the examples of Dr. William Osler – the father of modern medicine, students got acquainted with four characteristics essential for a physician, being: Art of detachment, Virtue of method, Thoroughness, and Grace of Humility. Essential elements of communication in medical encounters (Kalamazoo Consensus) were also discussed.
    After that, various reference books of Internal Medicine were recommended. Among those are the well-known, Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, DeGowin’s Diagnostic examination and Kumar & Clark’s Clinical Medicine. Moreover, he encouraged students to obtain useful information fr om different online sources of medical journals, worth mentioning are, Medscape and The New England Journal of Medicine. 
    At latter part of the lecture, students were taught the efficient and correct ways to record Anamnesis morbi, Anamnesis vitae and Status praesens of a patient as these are among the vital responsibilities of a physician. Last but not least, Dr. Mikhail V. Pisarev expressed his gratitude in forming a scientific circle for International Faculty, in which it shall be a platform connecting both Russian students and International students to perform various scientific works and researches. 
    This lecture has proven to be beneficial to International students. Such lectures shall be organized again in the near future. 
    By Ooi Kar Key (3rd year), International Faculty 


    Under 1 Med's colours

    This was the spirit carried and echoed by every Sechenovian who participated in the Pirogov Malaysian Intervarsity Games held on the 11th to the 13th of April 2014 at Russian National Research Medical University (RNRMU), Moscow.
    After a gruelling and most exhilarating 3 day event, with a contingent of 109 led by Azree Bin Azlan and a team participation in 14 sports, MSMU the Red Legions bested their rivals with a total of 5 Gold for Badminton, Table Tennis, Basketball (M), Hockey (F), and Handball (F), 2 Silvers for Frisbee(M) and Basketball(F), and 5 Bronzes for Futsal(M), Handball (M), Frisbee (F), Volleyball(M) and Volleyball(F). The Red Legions lost only to the home team with a record of 6 Gold.

    A special Cheer Squad was formed exclusively for the PMIG, under the talented leadership of Azarul Azwan bin Mazri, and the ever-inspiring Arasjoht Singh and his powerful Dhol. Together, they rallied the spirits of everyone in attendance with their cheers of ‘’Demi M1’’.
    However, truth be told, MSMU emerged victorious that day. We were victorious in proving ourselves well rounded students cum athletes. Even if we were runner up in the Games, we were Champions in heart and in sportsmanship. We were bested by none. We were second to no one.
    Though the final tally came to 5 Gold for the Red Legions, in truth there were more. Awarded solely for the incredible fighting spirit of the cheer squad, and the incorruptible and incomparable sportsmanship of our athletes. Where else would you be able to hear cheers of ‘KSM1! KSM1!’ a concoction of KSMU and M1, echoing throughout the stadium, or multitudes of applause no matter which team won or lost?
    A special thanks to all the athletes and the supporters for all that has been done. We hope to see you again next year in Kursk, Russia. Good luck and may the odds ever be in your favour. DEMI M1!
    By Ng Valynne

    A Visit to Biochemistry Research Institute

    No bars for biochemists!

    On February 28, members of the International students Science Association (ISSA) paid a visit to Biochemistry Research Institute, guided by Prof. S. E. Severin, Head of Department of Biochemistry and corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 
    Firstly, Prof. Severin led students to cell biology lab where different cell lines of stem cells and cancer cells were cultured and studied. The cell cultures are immobilized at different polymeric differences. Besides, students were introduced to the different techniques in storing the cell cultures, this includes usage of highly specific refrigerators and liquid nitrogen. He emphasized the importance of keeping the cultures sterile to avoid unnecessary contamination. 
    Students were exposed to several devices that were used for investigation and data collecting such as computerized immunofluorescence microscope, centrifuge, spectrophotometer and multi-scan for optical density. 
    Following after that, students were invited to the polymeric lab where various proteins such as monoclonal antibodies, tumor markers, and recombinant proteins were synthesized and studied. Prof. Severin provided interesting information about injecting hybridoma cells into experimental mice, where ample observations of the reactions shown by mice would be made. 
    After visiting the polymeric lab, students were introduced to key personnel and researchers working in the institute. One of the highly experienced researchers presented multiple pictures of viruses besides in providing interesting facts. Lastly, Prof. Severin shared information with the students on his latest project: “Vaccine against Narcotics”. He also encouraged international students to indulge in scientific researches by providing 2 vacancies in his research institute, wh ere international students with scientific potential and attitude could apply in performing various works under his supervision and guidance. 
    The visit to Biochemistry Research Institute was an eye-opener for members of ISSA. Such events should be organized again in the near future. 
    Pang Kien Ping, 3rd year, International Faculty

    Touch Rugby Tournament 6’ at Burevestnik Stadium

    Фото 2.jpgФото 1.jpg
    On the 20th of October 2013, a Touch Rugby Tournament was held at the First MSMU Burevestnik Stadium. The event started at 8.00 am and finished by 12.00 pm. Each team consisted of 6 players and 4 substitutes. 
    Our university, I.M. Sechenov First MSMU, was represented by two teams out of 8 teams participated. There were also representative from Moscow Aviation University (MAI) and other universities. Our rugby teams had won the 2nd and 4th places in the whole tournament. Our student from the 5th course Azarul Azwan Bin Mazri (Malaysia) got the second place in the nomination “the Best Player of the Tournament”. 
    Hoping for more victory by our rugby team in the next tournament or championship. With great spirit and commitment, the team will have a bright future. 
    By Azree Azlan, 5th year (Sports Bureau of SMSA)

    International football at "Burevestnik"

    On Sunday 29th October a football competition was held at Burevestnik Stadium. It was arranged by the Dean's Office for international students.

    Малая.jpgInitially it was supposed to involve six teams from the hostels and international student bodies.
    1: Bolshaya Pirogovskaya St. Hostel 
    2: Azovskaya St. Hostel
    3: Pervomayskaya Hostel
    4: Malaysian Student Association
    5: China Student Association
    6: Uzbekistan Student Association
    Unfortunately there were only three attendances at the pitch yesterday. The results were as follows:
    China S. A. - Malaysia S. A. 0:6
    China S. A. - Uzbekistan S. A. 0:8
    Final: Malaysia S. A. - Uzbekistan S. A. 1:1 (Uzbekistan won by penalty 3-4)

    We would like to thank our vice-dean Petr Petrovich and Gulya Malyukova, for their help and support in ensuring the smoothness of the event. We hope that everyone can gather again next time, for a better game and a better tournament.

    By Mohd Ashraf Hosnan 

    I.M. Sechenov First MSMU volunteers act in Africa



    I.M. Sechenov First MSMU volunteers once again actively participated in annual humanitarian medical outreach organised by DoctorsAct in 2013 with the aim of providing free medical screening and medication to many deprived communities in rural areas of Africa.
    This summer more than 50 volunteers were divided into 5 different teams to work in 5 different countries including: 
    Ghana – 24.07.2013-01.08.2013
    South Sudan – 02.08.2013-16.08.2013
    Nigeria – 12.08.2013-18.08.2013 
    Zambia/Zimbabwe – 04.08.2013-10.08.2013
    The Ghana team once again visited Ofoase and its surrounding communities in the Eastern Region of Ghana from 24th July-1st August, 2013. The services provided were medical screening, free medical consultation, public health education, counseling and evangelism, free supply of drugs and other free complementary supplies (such as toiletries, sweets for children etc). 
    In Cooperation With: Member of Parliament of the area (Hon. David Oppon Kusi); Plight of the Child International(POCI)-NGO; St. John’s Clinic; Volunteers. 
    The beneficiaries included the townsfolk of Ofoase, Nyamebekyere, Praso, Brenase, Bontoduase, Kotokuom and Adwafo.The target set for this was 5000 people, but we were able to meet only 3000 people. We did basic medical screening like checking of weight, height, temperature, blood-sugar level and blood pressure. Doctors treated cases like arthritis, malaria, infections of different etiologies, convulsion, hypertension, diabetes and the like. At the end of every day’s work gifts were distributed out. 

    The numbers of volunteers estimated to have made this programme a success were about thirty four. With about twenty two Ghanaian students based in Russia, two Russians, six Ghanaian students and four officials from POCI. In all it was a fulfilling experience for each volunteer despite the challenges.
    1. Dr. Josephine Akwele Quarcoo - 1st Moscow State Medical University 
    2. Dr. Charles Ofosuhene Debrah - 1st Moscow State Medical University 
    3. Dr. Daniel Osafo Darko - 1st Moscow State Medical University 
    4. Dr. Richard Dei-Asamoah - Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology  
    5. Dr. Kuma Dennison Agala - Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology 
    6. Dr. Afeke Korsi Hormeku - University of Cape Coast medical School 
    7. Dr. Delali Blood-Dzraku - Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology 
    8. Mike Amirikah Tuffour - 1st Moscow State Medical University 
    9. Josephine Frempomaa Amankwah 
    10. Marian Theresa Ampadu - Nuguchi Research Institute Ghana 
    11. Obed Afriyie Boakye - Peoples' Friendship University 
    12. Quincy Ofori - Novgorod State Medical University 
    13. George Quaynor - Peoples' Friendship University 
    14. Elizabeth Ermakova - Moscow 
    15. Gideon Owusu - Novgorod State Medical University   
    16. Kwasi Owusu Afriyie - Kazan State University
    17. Geraldine Ankrah - Novgorod State Medical University
    18. Stepan Churakov - Saint petersburg 
    19. Natalie Abena Adu - Medeleev University Moscow 
    20. Daniel Kwakye Nomah - Novgorod State Medical University 
    21. Samuel Kwesi Arthur - Novgorod State Medical University 
    22. Esther Boatemah Owusu - University of Ghana 
    23. Richard Kwesi Gyasi - Ghana 
    24. Mercy Adjeley Mohenu - Tema General Hospital 
    25. Benjamin Ofosu Agyemang 
    26. Bill Graham Osei Akomee 
    27. Parker Chen - Japan 
    28. Ernest Kofi Asamoah - Ghana 
    29. Inga Bethmann - Germany 
    30. Joseph Ayinka - Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology 
    31. Foster Dankwah - Ghana 
    32. Reginald Maddy - Tver State medical university 
    33. Paa Kwesi Borsah Kum - Tver State medical university 
    34. Bernard Opoku - Ghana 


    STIG-X Volgograd Games 2013 Report
    On 12-14th of April 2013, 96 students of First Moscow State Medical University (MSMU) were involved in the 10th Malaysian student Intervarsity Games, held in the historic town of Volgograd. 10 different sport disciplines were organized, varying from frisbee, mini-football to rugby.
    The Games has been a success in the organizational view. Malaysians from all over Russia gathered for three days, taking part in sports while meeting new friends and getting new culture experience of different Russian towns. Our contingent made all their best in the respective games, but lack of experience cost us victories. Made up of almost 60 first and second year students, MSMU team sat the last place among all competing universities with only 5 silver and one bronze medals.
    Here is the full list of achievement by sports:
    1) Futsal Male : Silver
    2) Basketball Male : Silver
    3) Basketball Female : Bronze
    4) Netball : 5th place
    5) Handball Male : 6th place
    6) Handball Female : Silver
    21249_Мэр Москвы Сергей Собянин открыл спортивный комплекс Первого московского государственного медицинского университета имени Сече.jpg7) Ping Pong Male : Silver
    8) Badminton : Silver
    9) Rugby : 4th place
    10) Volleyball Male : 4th place
    11) Volleyball Female : 4th place
    12) Frisbee Male : 4th place
    13) Takraw Male : 5th place
    We thanked the support of our beloved Vice Deans Petr Petrovich Ivanov and Malyukova Gulsina Hafisovna throughout the preparation and the whole Games itself. We believe with proper preparation and more effort we will do a better job next year, claiming back all the gold we lost this year.
    Go MSMU, together we move forward in sports!