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Primus inter pares

    Welcome to the First Med! (information material for international students)

    Welcome to Russia! 
    (overview info) 
    Dear friend, 
    Having become a student of Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University – one of the biggest medical schools worldwide – in a short while you are in Moscow, which is the capital of the Russian Federation and one of the major global megapolises. 
    A brave new world is ahead. Here are some hints and tips helping you not to get lost and keep you head in somehow unusual social environment far away from your families, friends and dear ones. You are sure to discover a lot of unseen, unexpected and exciting things, some of which might appear to be much surprising. 
    Below we outline some must-knows concerning our country, its capital, and, of course, First Med aka Sechenov MGMU. 
    We expect your college years in Moscow to be happy and fruitful inevitably transforming you into true professionals reinforced with advanced sociability and emotional intelligence. 
    Russian Federation
      The RF coat of arms
     Coat of Arms
     The RF flag
    Official language  
    Major urban agglomerations 

    Bodies of State Power 
    • President  
    • Government  
    • Federal Assembly

    National Internet domains  
    IDD code  
    UTC zoning 
    862 AD
    Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Omsk, Kazan, Chelyabinsk, Rostov-on-Don, Ufa, Volgograd
    presidential-parliamentary republic
    federation, comprising of 85 constituent entities, including federal cities – Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sevastopol

    Vladimir Putin
    Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister         
    Upper House – The Council of the Federation (Valentina Matvienko, Chairman)
    Lower House – State Duma (Sergey Naryshkin, Chairman)
    17,125,187 sq km (the world’s largest)
    about 150,000,000 (9th world’s)
    Russian rouble (RUB)
    .ru, .su, .рф

    +3 ... +12

    As a permanent member of the UN Security Council Russia wields veto power.


    Coat of Arms
     Флаг Москвы.png

    The initial reference 
    Population over 
    Administrative ubdivision 
    National composition 
    Religious communities 

    Unofficial names 
    Original name of Muscovites 
    City Mayor 
    UTC Timezone 
    Area dialing code 
    Vehicle registration plates
    1,147 AD
    12,000 000
    12 districts
    Russians (91.65%), Ukrainians (1.42%), Tatars (1.38%), Armenians (1.28%), Azerbaijanis (0.53%), Jews (0.49%), Belarusians (0.36%), Georgians (0.36%)
    the majority are Christians (mostly Russian Orthodox); Muslims constitute the second largest religious community; other noteworthy confessions are Jews and Buddhists
    Belokámennaya (white stone), Zlatoglávaya (golden-domed), Pervoprestól′naya (first-throned), Trétiy Rim (Third Rome)
    moskvich (male), moskvichka (female), moskvichi (plural)
    Sergei Sobyanin
    temperate continental
    +7 495, +7 499, +7 496, +7 498
    77, 97, 99, 177, 197, 199, 777
    The annual City Day feast is held on the first Saturday of September.