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Primus inter pares


    During the internship physicians practice medicine under the supervision of fully licensed physicians. Medical internship gives in-depth training within a specific branch of medicine. Internship is also an integral part of education in pharmacy and preventive medicine.

    A 1-year internship is a minimum requirement to practice in some areas of medicine. Medical subspecialties would require completion of medical residency after internship.

    First MSMU offers internships in a wide range of medical specialties:

    1. Anesthesiology and critical care
    2. Clinical laboratory diagnostics
    3. Dermatology and venerology
    4. Endocrinology
    5. Epidemiology
    6. Forensic medicine
    7. General dentistry
    8. General hygiene
    9. Infectious diseases
    10. Internal medicine
    11. Neurology
    12. Nursing management
    13. Obstetrics & gynecology
    14. Oncology
    15. Ophthalmology
    16. Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)
    17. Pathological anatomy
    18. Pediatrics
    19. Pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy
    20. Pharmaceutical technology
    21. Pharmacoeconomics and management
    22. Phthisiatry
    23. Psychiatry
    24. Radiology
    25. Surgery
    26. Trauma and orthopedics

    Tuition Fee for Internship : 150 000.00-240 000.00 Rubles/year (according to specialty)