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Primus inter pares


For over 65 years University is training international students from all parts of the world. Among its graduates – ministers and other high rank officials of national health systems, heads of medical councils, personal doctors of presidents and prime-ministers, heads of prestigious hospitals and clinics, professors of medical colleges etc. And – what is most important – all over the world our graduates honestly and ably carry out their professional duty. Now over 2 000 international students are getting higher professional education at the MSMU.

University’s highly qualified faculty constantly polishes up and updates the education process to ensure the highest standards of our graduates. In recent years we are putting more efforts to invest in developing students’ practical skills and their summer clinical practice. To this end we introduce new programmes and elective courses.

Needless to say that for a future specialist studies is No 1 priority. But it is also evident that a young person cannot and should not confine himself to lecture halls and laboratories. University provides its students with a variety of sports and recreation facilities.

Productive studies and interesting life in any country are impossible without good command of the native language. Learning Russian is a strong aid in accumulating knowledge and experience from your professors and tutors, doctors and other specialists whom international students daily encounter during classes and clinical practice. It also helps easily accommodate and mix with the local people, learn more about great history and culture of the country wh ere young years were spent.

At present I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University offers 16 undergraduate degree programmes, including traditional General Medicine (Russian/English medium), Pharmacy (Russian/French medium) and Dentistry (Russian/English medium). Since 2011when the school acquired university status to this traditional "trio" were added thirteen more specialties.

Tuition fees are affordable and vary according to a specialty.They include the following facilities for the students : free use of reading rooms, libraries and laboratories; free manuals and course materials; free use of sport club and cultural complexes. All other expenses, like issuing an invitation/admission letter, DHL services, transfer from and to the airport, medical insurance, registration, accommodation at hostels, and so on are to be paid additionally.

Basic Tuition Fees for 2015-2016 academic year

- General Medicine (Russian medium) : 350 000.00 Rubles/year;
- General medicine (English medium) : 350 000.00 Rubles/year;
- Stomatology/Dentistry (Russian medium) : 350 000.00 Rubles/year;
- Pharmacy (Russian medium) : 220 000.00 Rubles/year;
-  Other specialties : 180 000.00 – 270 000.00 Rubles/year.

Notice: all payments are to be made in Russian Rubles only BEFORE beginning of the academic year/semester.