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Primus inter pares

Chest X-Rays Seminar for students

IMG_7949RaySem_05On Thursday, March 28th 2013 in the Blue Hall of 1st MSMU the Dean’s Office for international students arranged a seminar on Chest X-Rays interpretation. It was presented by a final year student Jasraj Singh who is one of the forerunners of the Sechenov Malaysian Students Association's Academic Bureau, whom also spearheads the Sechenov's Surgery interest group.

The attendance was impressive, with slightly over 100 students, with great reception from the clinical 4th to 6th years. There were also a handful of enthusiastic 2nd and 3rd year students.

The session kicked off at 5.40 pm. It comprised of two main parts, where in part 1, the students were taught the fundamentals of chest radiographs, anatomy, normal IMG_7937RaySem_02& variations of normal radiographs. Part 2 highlighted a systematic approach to the reading of chest radiographs, focusing on most common abnormalities with explanations. The session ended with a mini 'Test Yourself' part, where students were shown chest radiographs and encouraged to look for the abnormalities.

The seminar was a real success, with positive reviews and feedback all around. News is, that there will be more such events on Radiography coming up in the nearest future. Stay tuned!