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Primus inter pares

Open lectures by an Austrian professor

IMG_0558w.jpgProfessor Walter Kofler (Austria) delivered open lectures at the Department of Normal Physiology: to be continued!

In implementing the concept of formation and upgrading the international reputation of the University, along with the formation of the international scientific contacts and increased publication activities an important role is assigned to involvement in the educational process of reputable foreign experts.

One of them is Professor Walter W. Kofler (Austria), who from January 2013 onwards is actively engaged in scientific and pedagogical work at the Department of normal physiology.

On May 22 and 23 at the initiative of the Dean's Office for international students, Prof. Kofler delivered open lectures: on the first day – for international student with bilingual (English/Russian) medium of instruction, and on the second day – for Russian speaking foreign and Russian students (year 2 – 5).

Lecture theme was unusual: “From the Big Bang to the "Big Mac" – from photons to the World Wide Web”, a look from the point of the "Extended View" at human evolution theory, that Dr. Kofler was developing over 40 years. So in his lecture professor acquainted students with its basic provisions, explaining the emergence of matter, life, evolution of living beings, human and animal brain development, the principles of an integrated understanding of man as Eco-bio-psycho-social entity in a symbiotic relationship with the environment. With remarkable examples he demonstrated the relevance of formed theoretical construction for understanding important for medicine reasons and mechanisms of formation of psychosomatic disorders, abnormalities of brain functioning, emotional behavior, opportunities for non-drug correction and prevention of such abnormalities.

To the Professor’s surprise students stayed long after the lecture and literally "stormed" him with questions, comments, and should be noted that the dialogue was in English. In view of the genuine interest of the students, the Professor left his email address by which students could request materials of lectures and presentations. Dr. Kofler also promised to prepare for the new academic year an elective course of 4-5 lectures, which he plans to deliver at the Department of Normal physiology to students of all faculties.

Professor Dr. med. Walter Kofler (* 27. May 1945 in Imst, Tirol) teaches at the medical University of Innsbruck. Public Health - research: Complex understanding of the effects of traffic-dependent environmental effects on health, illness and recovery need and their influenceableness. Science theory: "Extended View" - model for a theory of a person’s health as a social nature). Endeavor around "the convergence project "for the approximation of the different scientific and not-scientific material science) - as basis for the derivableness of health-relevant statements. President/Member of a number of national and international organizations.

Prof. Oleg Glazachev

Dean for International students