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Primus inter pares

A Visit to Biochemistry Research Institute

A Visit to Biochemistry Research Institute

On February 28, members of the International students Science Association (ISSA) paid a visit to Biochemistry Research Institute, guided by Prof. S. E. Severin, Head of Department of Biochemistry and corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Firstly, Prof. Severin led students to cell biology lab where different cell lines of stem cells and cancer cells were cultured and studied. The cell cultures are immobilized at different polymeric differences. Besides, students were introduced to the different techniques in storing the cell cultures, this includes usage of highly specific refrigerators and liquid nitrogen. He emphasized the importance of keeping the cultures sterile to avoid unnecessary contamination. Students were exposed to several devices that were used for investigation and data collecting such as computerized immunofluorescence microscope, centrifuge, spectrophotometer and multi-scan for optical density.

Following after that, students were invited to the polymeric lab where various proteins such as monoclonal antibodies, tumor markers, and recombinant proteins were synthesized and studied. Prof. Severin provided interesting information about injecting hybridoma cells into experimental mice, where ample observations of the reactions shown by mice would be made.

After visiting the polymeric lab, students were introduced to key personnel and researchers working in the institute. One of the highly experienced researchers presented multiple pictures of viruses besides in providing interesting facts. Lastly, Prof. Severin shared information with the students on his latest project: “Vaccine against Narcotics”. He also encouraged international students to indulge in scientific researches by providing 2 vacancies in his research institute, where international students with scientific potential and attitude could apply in performing various works under his supervision and guidance.

The visit to Biochemistry Research Institute was an eye-opener for members of ISSA. Such events should be organized again in the near future.

Pang Kien Ping, 3rd year, International Faculty