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Primus inter pares

Russian-Chinese medical and sociological research dialogue: the quick start

February 26, 2016. The key officers of Research Institute of Medical Sociology, Healthcare Economics and Medical Insurance under I. M. Sechenov First MSMU hosted the pilot meeting with distinguished scientists and practitioners Yuchi Liu, Yang Chunli, Chang Ma of Peking Union Medical College Hospital (People's Republic of China, Beijing).

Chineese Medical Sociologists on visit.jpg

The counterparts discussed various prospects of scientific cooperation, experience exchange opportunities within international theoretical and practical conferences, as well as would-be joint scientific projects and publications. The participants of the meeting were quite unanimous that both Russian and Chinese researchers engaged in applied research in health and social problems are usually focused on similar or even the same objectives dealing with improvement of life quality and addressing the most urgent multi-aspect social problems.

The greatest response was induced by several recent medical and sociological studies and findings of RI of Medical Sociology, Healthcare Economics and Medical Insurance containing somehow unexpected deductions on lifestyles and life quality of cancer patients undergoing cytokine therapy using the domestic medicines.

Russian and Chineese

Summing up the event the guests from China expressed great interest towards strengthening relations and expanding scientific collaboration that promise great synergetic effect in the short run.

N. V. Prisyazhnaya, S. V. Pavlov