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Primus inter pares

The First Steps in Dentistry 2016 announces the winners

The IV Student Open Olympiad on propaedeutics of dental diseases The First Steps in Dentistry 2016 patronized by the University chair of the same name was held on March 25 at the Sechenov First MSMU Faculty of Dentistry.
Here were represented 52 medical universities from Russia, China, Poland, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Transdniestria. The opening speech articulated by Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Tatyana Litvinova was supported with the addresses of the Olympiad co-chairmans – the Faculty of Dentistry dean Oleg Admakin and the head of Propaedeutics of Dental Diseases Chair Andrey Sevbitov.
The contestants had to perform several tasks divided into six subject blocks. After the competition, the partners of the Olympiad presented some guest lectures on topical issues of contemporary dentistry combined with a set of really exciting and sometimes even astonishing generally accessible workshops.
To wind up the professional program all participants and guests of the Olympiad were greatly entertained by a series of gags performed by the members of the student scientific circle while everybody enjoyed the fruits of the culinary competition "The path to the heart of a dentist" featuring viands cooked by more than 30 students of the FMSMU Faculty of Dentistry.
The closing ceremony’s cherry on the cake was the speech by prof. Liu Jantsao of Harbin Medical University, who said a lot of warm words about the Dentists’ Olympics. Her impressions of the event shared the invited judges from Moldova, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and Pridnestrovie. All guests of the Olympiad got something special and unforgettable.
The awarding ceremony started with the personal awards from sponsors and partners of the Olympiad. Thereupon the champions were awarded by the deans of dentistry faculties of the universities participating in the Olympics.
The final scoring of the Olympiad '16 is as follows:
Bronze – Madina Hastsaeva (North Ossetian State Medical Academy), Vasilisa Brizgalova (Volgograd State Medical University) and Li Min (Harbin Medical University)
Silver – Daria Donskikh (Razumovsky Saratov State Medical University) and Asiyat Kushieva (Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy)  
Gold – Rafal Mateushuk (Medical University of Bialystok) and Vitaly Klimenko (Omsk State Medical University)
However, the Grand Prix – in-debth probation in Hamburg DMG training center and a gold card of the Association of digital dentistry – goes to Julia Lyibimova of Sechenov First MSMU
Congratulations to the prize winners! See you next year, yeah!