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Primus inter pares

The natural cross-relativity gets its way

The All-Russian Open Internet Olympiad in ENGLISH for medical students organized by Sechenov First MSMU, Ural State Medical University and Voyno-Yasenetsky Krasnoyarsk State Medical University started on February 10. The event turned out to be perfectly unprecedented even in terms of number of contestants – 278 seekers from Russia, Slovakia, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan, Romania, Poland had applied for participation.
The Olympic programme provides for both individual and team scoring. The only first-year students of medical and pharmaceutical professions are admitted to compete in the individual championship requiring manifestation of outstanding language skills of various natures to be proven by lexical and grammatical testing, reception and comprehension tasks etc.
Those who appeared to be able of passing the qualifying stage were tried by the next remote job – 1.5-3 minute video message on the topic “The Medical Profession: the Bright Past and Future Challenges”. The third and the final round of the English language Olympiad was furnished as TV interviews in English with native speaker moderator touching upon the professional stuff. 
The team championship was conducted apart from the individual competition. The registered 33 teams from Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Poland were combined both of undergraduate students (regardless of course) and postgraduates. The contestants had to conceive, shoot and send an English-dubbed video to the organizing committee dealing with one of the suggested topics: “Life as a Medical Student” or “English in the Medical Profession” duration of 3-5 minutes. 
The team competition was perceived as a real challenge by the 4-6-year students of the FMSMU Faculty of Medicine, educational center Medicine of the Future and the student research team under the Chair of Foreign Languages, which lineup was not discouraged by the jury consisting entirely of English native speakers, experts from the UK and Canada. Besides the language skills, the following points were considered: composition, creative approach, technical performance of videos, and moreover the sense of humor. 
In the long run, the First MSMU teams won the nominations Presentation Performance and Creativity. In addition, the personal nomination Personalized Interpretation and Expressiveness was also conquered by the FMSMU agent Daniel Kisselyov. 
But the name of the game is that the crew lead by Yulia Ermakova picked up the highest scoring to be declared the winner of the “English in the Medical Profession” Olympics on March 18. 
Our unpretentious congratulations to the winners with a wish to never say uncle!