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Primus inter pares

Produced by First MSMU: The best innovation project at Archimedes 2016

April 1. Congress and Exhibition Center Sokolniki summarizes XIX Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies Archimedes 2016 featuring First MSMU since 2005.
The Salon fuses exhibition of inventions and industrial designs, conferences, training events under the logo of Inventor’s University, venture fairs, contests, presentations of national projects and technologies hand-picked all over industrialized countries.
The Salon has been held since 1998, and each year it showcases more than a thousand exhibits from Russia and the industrialized countries of Europe, Asia and America. Through the integration and co-operation with the organizers of similar international exhibitions the Archimedes has become a universally recognized international event. In 2005, Sechenov’s University got a Diploma of Respect and Gratitude for participation, organizing and conducting of the Salon, and also won the Grand Prix for a number of original devices: Device for Ligatures (Russian patent № 2175855, the authors: A. Ishchenko, A. Slobodyanyuk, Y. Chushkov), The Technique for Laparoscopic Treatment of Uterine Prolapse and Vaginal Walls Complicated with Urinary Incontinence at Stress (Russian patent №2129839, the authors: A. Ishchenko, A. Slobodyanyuk, Y. Chushkov).
Archimedes 2016 welcomed young inventors, scientists, representing diverse educational institutions of Moscow and Russian regions, industrial R&D companies and foreign delegations. The presentation of First MSMU was organized by Innovation Management Department of Technopark. University bid has won The Best Innovative Project of Moscow Awards allowing a grant to participate in the exhibition featuring three of our inventions: 
* 3D-model of mobile parasitological laboratory on the basis of PAZ bus by Research Institute of Medical Parasitology and Tropical Medicine 
* cutter to remove cartilage from the articular surfaces of foot bones (patent № 145522) by Department of Emergency Traumatology, Orthopaedics and Surgery 
* clamp for surgical treatment of fractures of the mandible condylar process (patent application №2014119500) by Department of Surgical Stomatology and Maxillo-Facial Surgery.
The designs presented by our scientists were highly appreciated by the expert jury and international commission, let alone the the interest among the exhibition visitors.
Since 2015 our university has started participating in various exhibitions, forums and other events promoting development and implementation of innovative products. Numerous projects of great importance need flashing at such sites offering quite promising opportunities of establishing contacts with potential manufacturers and consumers. We believe that all this contributes to intellectual and professional self-realization of our scientists and effective promotion and commercialization of the First MSMU R&D activities.
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