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Primus inter pares

Sechenov First MSMU is back online with the webinar on the adaptive sports

The session was organized by the Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Chair, headed by prof. E. Achkasov, together with non-governmental organization Perspektiva and MegaFon PJSC within the project “Sporting together. For real!” The international webinar on sports for the disabled and development of para-Ready for Labour and Defence (para-RLD) system brought together the representatives from 37 regions of Russia, and also from Kazakhstan and Latvia, more than 160 people all in all.
Physical culture and sport are the key means of rehabilitation and reintegration of disabled persons into the society. Eligibility for competitions is determined using both in-depth medical examination and sports medical functional classification to ensure fair and equal starting positions for athletes with different types of injuries, minimizing thus the impact of disabilities on athletic performance.
Awareness and comprehension of classification procedures will help coaches and athletes to organize their operations from the earliest rehab stages effectively the most. One of the channels of further deployment and promotion of adaptive sporting activities in Russia is customization of RLD practices for the needs of the disabled. 
The invited expert – Assistant of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Chair Eugeniy Mashkovsky, an international sports judge-qualifier for the disabled in terms of musculoskeletal system – reported on the difference between the mass adaptive sports from professional Paralympics, the challenges being faced by coaches and athletes while selecting sports activities, why the medical and functional classification is necessary, and why these are sophisticated so. There was also a pilot presentation of unique updates dealing with adaptation of existing Ready for Labor and Defense system for persons with anatomic, functional irregularities and disabilities (para-RLD System).
The expert answered the questions asked by the webinar audience, gave hints on guidance in the selection of professional sports activities using the classification. The strategy of Russian para-RLD system development and the technical options for further adaptation of existing tests for disabled persons were also touched upon.