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Primus inter pares

Elsevier Day: learning to design hi-rate research papers

April 12 has passed for young researchers, graduate students, research workers, students of the First Steps in Science school headed by prof. Morozova, as well as for all concerned university staff in day-long workshopping on “Elsevier information resources for preparation of competitive scientific publications”.
The key issues related to contemporary search and multimedia resources featuring full-text articles (for example, full-text database ScienceDirect) were specified by Andrei Loktev, Cand. of Ecomomics, key information solutions consultant at Elsevier. He gave the audience somehow precious set of tips for effective search, analysis of scientific papers and research trends within the case study over Scopus abstract and citation database. He also detailed the issues relating to establishment and structuring of personal scientific library and communicative options within scientific communities all over the world through the Mendeley free application.
Many points touched upon during the terminal part of the seminar, dedicated to the preparation of high-perf scientific articles, were challenged by the audience. Mr. Loktev gave the authors much valuable pieces of advice focusing on flashing in the most hi-rate publications, and also highlighted the finest nuances and pointed out all the pitfalls faced by noob researchers in preparing their papers for publication in top journals.
At the end of the workshop Andrey Loktev wished success to young scientists and reviewed the upcoming events and webinars planned in pursue of future cooperation between Elsevier network and First MSMU. Now, with entering into the Project 5-100 the University has to face plenty of complex and ambitious tasks. So, it is necessary and demanded to make a breakthrough in key areas, including the publication diligence in top global periodicals.