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Primus inter pares

The Alumni Association is gaining momentum

On April 12 the History of Medicine Museum turned into field headquarters of the First Med alumni movement. Somehow buzzing discussion on further prospects of the Association proved: there are no anyone indifferent towards the current collegiate matters.
“It’s the college of my own”, declared the Alumni Association President, Head of Cardiovascular Surgery Chair №2, director of Bakulev Cardiovascular Surgery Research Center, Academician Leo Bokeria, emphasizing the utmost significance of human dimension in empowering the Association:
“Today, the most important thing is to identify those, who can be called the course leaders – the future community activists helping to find other course-mates of their year of graduation, to call upon them to join the alumni organization, reinforcing thus the fame and vigour of the University spirit. Belonging to the University aspires each of us to live on, and everyone ought to contribute”.
Developing this idea, one of the founders and the member of the Association Bureau, Vladimir Tsomyk, Emeritus recalled that virtually every hospital and every department of the University are overcrowded with the graduates “of those good old days” still keeping in touch with their classmates, who are scarcely would mind joining the organization.
The activists discussed the matter of the Association's logo design positively violently, but eventually decided to arrange the specific art competition. It was also proposed to celebrate the Graduate's Day on October 12 – the day of naming First Mead after Sechenov in 1955. The organizational strategy until 2020, proposed by Association members Dmitry Kolodin and Michael Zabotin, and the finalized procedure for admission to the Association were approved, notwithstanding somehow arbitrary debate over probable privileges. The Bureau was also expanded on.
During the meeting, 32 new members were accepted into the organization.
Executive Director of the Association, vice-rector for public relations and educational work Ivan Chizh reminded that the University administration strongly supports the community both morally and financially – the organization operates a website, has headquarters, contacts and credentials to facilitate the duties on routine work flow.
“We are well open to new initiatives and willing to work as we used to for corporate consolidation of our graduates, including those living abroad. This is especially important in light of our recent joining the Project 5-100 to win the point on the list of top hundred universities worldwide. Who but our students know that we deserve it”, emphasized Ivan Mikhailovich.