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Primus inter pares

The massive rectors’ mission to First MSMU

<table width="750" border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" style="text-align: justify;">
    <tr><td>April 13, Federal Methodological Center for Accreditation under First MSMU has taken a chance of practicing the hospitality skills by welcoming the Moscow Rectors Council. The main point was to discuss the advanced concepts of medical education, that’s why the meeting was attended by the Moscow Minister of Education Isaac Kallina, representing the senior partner in successfully implemented First MSMU joint project called Moscow Medical School Class. 
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       The congregation started with prolonged excursion all over the Accreditation Center. However, despite being pretty experienced functionaries, they were unable to keep their feelings locked inside vying with each other while expressing their rapture with the Center’s amenities. The guides had to clarify a perfect bunch of points of sincere interest on the part of the rectors’ body in the course of observing another “metaeducational” peculiarity: if that resuscitation vehicle inside the Center is a really workable specimen, how prompt should be the first aid to railway accident victims, if it really is difficult to operate laparoscopic manipulators and how a long it takes to become a skilled hand at it, what was is like to perform some “surgical aggression” against the dummy for the first time… Even those senior students engaged in their studying routine that morning and the staff of the Center were given some "third degree interrogation” by the guests of the University.
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       The route finally led the rectors in the fifth floor open space hall. The First MSMU rector Petr Glybochko enthusiastically reported on "The healthcare educational HR school-university-clinic continuity". The Rectors Council members learned that 2016 is the high time to launch the First MSMU Precollege, conceived to elevate the level of training concerning all those would-be students inclined to go in for medicine. The key to the success of the school-college program is the reliance on highly motivated youngsters who are sure to follow the medical path.
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       “The medical education model, which is being implemented through the continuity within the “school-university-clinic” system is meant to create efficient, uninterrupted self-regulating system of healthcare vocational guidance. This model meets all the development challenges and objectives", Petr Glybochko rounded off. 
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       While debating the rectors wished for closer interdisciplinary contact. An obvious case of such fruitful synergy of physicists and physicians in thrombosis prevention was the project announced by the MIPT rector Nikolai Kudryavtsev. The First MGMU expertise acquired in the course of running the "Medical industry, new chemistry and biotech" cluster together with Bauman Technical University, MSU and Sklifosovsky research Institute was also honored a special mention.  </td><td><img src="/upload/medialibrary/1ab/img_8545.jpg" title="Wish we were students, yeah!" hspace="7" border="0" alt="IMG_8545.jpg" width="400" height="266"  />
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<div style="text-align: justify;">And the last thing, the rectors gave way to nostalgia of the Soviet Era student construction brigades and daydreams of effective reviving of this particular institution, considered the prospects of bicycle parking areas within campuses and enjoyed a brief video report overviewing the recent competition Young Moscow University Teacher 2016.</div>