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Primus inter pares

KVN session – a step away from appreciation

KVN* is a game where humor and ingenuity are not the only things determining the winner. The plain luck is also the matter of great importance. …Or lack of it. Sad to say, but that evening our guys failed to catch a bit of fortune to strut their stuff as quarter-finalists of the Moscow League championship.
At the same time, the Music Hall was being quaked with "Big Spring at Pirogovka", whilst the proscenium of Planet KVN was featuring the First MSMU team fighting for quarter-finals. Despite the fact that most of our fans were engaged with the Big Spring, the KVN Hall kept on roaring: "Sechenovets! Sechenovets! Sechenovets!" However, the endeavoring air didn’t inspire the jury to estimate our team’s efforts at true worth, though the fan club propelling is reported to be the greatest since 2003.
Our guys confronted the bunch of six really handsome teams from Stavropol, Omsk, Korolev, St. Petersburg, and, of course, Moscow. Although once the definite leaders stood exposed, mean Moscow-Petrograd girlband "5 ЖЖ" and a Omsk Academy of Ministry of Internal Affairs “Alexei Sergeevich”, the remaining “vacancies” for the next round were disputed to the bitter end.
The First Med team mocked over doctors, medical tests, talking head Tatiana Malysheva MC, pensioners falling in while waiting in some automated queue to the therapist. The humor of our team was too refined and exquisite to be perceived outright.
To be frank, the appearance was obviously merry and bright, but just a single point separated our team from the "passing mark". Notwithstanding being really upset, the FMSMU wisecrackers gifted the audience with great spirits, while getting somehow beneficial experience.
Sechenovka rules! East or West – First Med is the best!

*The acronym which stands in Russian for the Club of Merry and Ready-witted People, a Russian comic TV show and competition, where teams (usually college students) compete by giving funny answers to apparenttly insoluble questions and showing prepared sketches.