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Primus inter pares

First Med and RVC have entered into crucial Agreement

April 22. The Russian Venture Company and Sechenov First MSMU concluded a cooperation agreement and signed a road map for implementation activities during 2016-2018.
Documents signed by CEO of RVC Igor Agamirzyan and FMSMU Rector Petr Glybochko in pursue of the Forum "The ecosystem of innovation: universities and research organizations" guidelines, which took place on April 21-22 in Moscow in partnership with NUST MISA and the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation.
The goal of the Agreement is comprehensive partnership aimed at supporting high-tech entrepreneurship, establishment of effective service infrastructure, creation of transparent mechanisms of financial support for innovative businesses. Implementation of the Agreement should contribute to innovative medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology industries and related national initiatives.
The main areas all over 2016-2018 will be education, innovation and entrepreneurship, information and advisory activities. In particular, First MSMU is going to become the basis for Biomedicine Technology Transfer Center as a hi-perf model for commercialization of innovative medical and pharmaceutical technologies and collegiate venture fund.
"To compete with the world's leading universities, we are going to create perfectly efficient innovation ecosystem facilitating marketable medical and pharmaceutical products from the concept to off-the-shelf product throughout development and implementation. Cooperation with RVC is not only the way to force the scientific potential of our university, but also constituting of a transfer hub for the best Russian developments on the international scale", said Petr Glybochko.