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Primus inter pares

Chair Head is not a Cheerleader

The Department Head 2020 and The Dean of the Future are the brand new career opportunities!
The First MSMU Human Resources challenges ambitious and enterprising employees to try their hand in the strategic professional development programs Department Head 2020 and Dean of the Future.
Feeling inspired for bringing value to your darling Alma Mater and fair employer?
Working to improve yourself together with the University?
…Being career-oriented and ambitious in terms of profession?
Don’t mind trying dean’s or chair head’s trade?
Wow, this offer is right for YOU!
For those looking for an opportunity for self-realization the University is launching both DH20 and DF initiatives.
Each program is detailed at:
Applications and forms are to be submitted not later than May 20, 2016.
The HR Department still resides at 2 Bolshaya Pirogovskaya, Bui. 4, Room 132;
Lily Berdnikova, HR manager;
8 (495) 609-1400, ext. 2005