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Primus inter pares

Running for those, who’re unable to

The wheelchair drivers, as well as the foot runners, tried the track side by side competing with each other along one of the most inspiring and unusual cross-country events.
Kolomna near Moscow is set to be one of those 34 official sites giving simultaneous kick-start to the Wings for Life World Run races involving more than 70 thousand athletes. The Kolomna starting point faced more than 1,500 people from all over Russia, including the First MSMU team represented by 13 students of various faculties.
The Wings for Life World Run is a race without a finishing line, and all the participants throughout the world were virtually rising above themselves. Each of them travelled at different time mode and at different distances. After half an hour since the flag is dropped, a Catcher Car crosses the starting line to scan the data from the sensors embedded into the athletes’ clothes. The Car goes faster and faster and catches up with the fugitives.
The moment you are intercepted by Catcher Car is your personal finishing line. As soon as each runner all over the globe crosses the finish line, the online scoring is being refreshed.
The First MSMU crew successfully completed their round feeling fine. Especially Alexander Rozov, 3rd year student, who covered the maximum distance of all his teammates – 20 km!
"Emotions overflow, a sense of pride for ourselves, for membership to the University does not leave me even for a moment, because such a start is really first for our First Med!", commented Alexander Rozov.
All funds collected through the event will be put at the disposal of the Research Foundation International under global non-profit organization Wings for Life, which mission is fund-raising for treatment of spinal cord injuries.