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Primus inter pares

Medical Spring ‘2016 or Scientists in the shorts

May 11, 2016. Sechenov First MSMU venues housed the annual all-Russian open scientific-practical student conference Medicine Spring ‘2016.
This year, the Conference featured 179 speakers from 55 medical universities from Russia and CIS countries: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and also Ukraine, which has already been Europe for some time.
At the opening ceremony the participants and the guests of the Conference were welcomed by Vice-rector for Science Sergei Shevchenko, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Tatiana Litvinova, Scientific Director of the Society of Young Scientists, Head of Pediatric Surgery and Urology/Andrology Department Dmitry Morozov, Director of Future Medicine Center Michael Chalyi, Head of Pirogov Student Scientific Society, Prof. Olga Morozova.
In his welcoming address the Vice-rector for Science Sergei Shevchenko underscored that many prominent figures of Russian medicine, including the founders of new scientific schools, outstanding teachers and brilliant physicians were also students rooting their career from collegiate scientific communities. He hinted that the students displaying themselves smart the most would be invited for intensive coaching to the Scientific Career School "First Steps in Science" and the Center of Innovative Educational Programs “Future Medicine”.
Next point, there was a preview of the film investigating the origins of the student scientific movement and the Sechenov FMSMU in-house scientific schools. The movie was composed using courtesy materials of the student conference "The annals of the Pirogov Student Scientific Society".
A real cherry of the opening ceremony was the student anthem GAUDEAMUS performed by the FMSMU choir conducted by Honored Artist of Russia Tatyana Gromova.
This year's Medical Spring consisted of 24 workshops in the following areas: basic technologies in medicine, immunology and microbiology, infectious diseases, endocrinology, pharmacology, sports medicine and medical rehabilitation, therapy, prevention environment, paediatrics, dermatology, neurology, forensic medicine , physiology, children's dentistry, medical law and public health organization, psychiatry and addiction dependencies, non-invasive technologies, oncology, cardiology and angiology, ENT diseases, reproductive health, dentistry in both Russian and English languages, fundamental research in pediatric surgery.
The jury had to assess more than 300 oral and poster presentations to “diagnose” the most handsome ones. And that was not easy, because of unexpectedly high average quality of the manuscripts submitted.
The outcome of the present conferring is expressed in the best student papers, awarded with the diplomas of three grades and the First Grade diploma for the best poster report presented to winners by Vice-rector for Science Sergei Shevchenko and the Future Medicine Center director Michael Chaly.
The delegates highly appreciated the way the event was arranged, its positive air granting the opportunity to discuss the findings with colleagues and leading professors, learning thus lots of new and interesting things.
Congratulations to the winners, exemplifying and inspiring every new scientific achievement for all student researchers!