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Primus inter pares

"Zvenigorod" resort under FMSMU or A hub to rehab in Moscow Switzerland

May 18. The Rector made his round all over the Ministry of Health "Zvenigorod" sanatorium, which is to be transferred on books of the FMSMU Clinical Center since July 1, 2016, thereby creating a unique realm of post-operative treatment and rehabilitation. At the moment, the necessary documentation is being framed.
Petr Glybochko, the Rector examined the available facilities and equipment of the property accompanied by Head Doctor of the sanatorium Alexei Kovalenko, Vice-rector for Medicine Victor Fomin and Director of the Clinical Center Olga Volkova, and then had a meeting with the team. 
Currently, the sanatorium does not operate at full capacity offering just limited range of services and being fairly detrimental. According to Petr Glybochko, now "there are lines of activity in demand and loaded to full capacity, which are to be deployed steadily". But there are areas not demanded by patients, which do not bring any profit, thereby creating positively unviable ballast. Rector pronounced: “The very thing that catches the eye is that there is no normal medical baseline. To mitigate the situation, the first issue you need to solve is to launch promptly a swimming pool and fitness center”. 
The primary goal the University and the Clinical Center management is facing now is to load the resort to the capacity, to adjust the traffic of patients, who would be in position to get high-tech and professional medical care undergoing rehabilitation in this picturesque and even one of the most luxury locations in the immediate vicinity of Moscow often called Moscow Switzerland. 
During the meeting with the staff of the sanatorium the Rector reminded that today Sechenov First MSMU has much strong clinical segment of approximately 4,000 beds distributed all over University Hospitals, each having the financial and economic agenda of its own. The average salary at the Clinical Center for the past year was 85 thousand roubles (app. $1,500). 
After answering the questions of the personnel, Peter Glybochko shared his plans for the prospects of the "Zvenigorod" resort: 
"Today, everybody indicate a real shortage of health centers focused on treatment of musculoskeletal system, so to speak, post-operative rehab. The University deals with this issue and yet in 2016 we are going to launch a large 1st and 2nd stage rehabilitation center in Moscow. Our vision is to organize on the basis of the sanatorium pervasive rehabilitation procedures of 3rd and 4th stages. The objective is to form a complete cycle of care – from high-tech surgical operation to be performed at the Clinical Center hospitals to comprehensive rehab to be practiced here, in deeply renovated "Zvenigorod" resort." 
Implementation of this large-scale project aimed at structuring complete cycle of musculoskeletal patients’ rehabilitation enables a powerful single treatment and rehabilitation cluster covering both Moscow and the Moscow Region.