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Primus inter pares

Sechenov Precollege is setting trends and standards

May 19. Grand opening of Sechenov Medical Precollege for Moscow senior schoolchildren has finally occurred. Vocational training here will be conducted according to the "New School 2020" standard.
First MSMU has already been cooperating with the Moscow Department of Education and dozens of Moscow schools for decades. The Biomedical Class initiative having started with agreement involving just one school has grown into Moscow-wide project. Today, the joint establishment of First MSMU and the Moscow Department of Education "Health class in Moscow School" brings together 63 schools of the Russian capital, which covers 109 specialized classes.
Practical retrofitting of the Precollege enables biological and chemical student research work of fairly university grade. There is no doubt that such equipment and overall level of general and profile education almost guarantee high Unified State Exam scores on and, as a consequence, successful admission to FMSMU.
The Precollege is a successive stage of the proprietary project of continuous professional education "School-University-Clinic", which is being implemented by FMSMU. As a result, the state and national society is destined to getting highly motivated, well-trained, and devoted medical community.
"On having passed the exam, the Precollege graduates can apply to any university all over Russia. If they set their choice on our university, they will be able to get certified under the grant of our partner, the Moscow Department of Health. On finishing the studies, the young doctors will work in Moscow clinics. Such targeted training is a joint concept conceived and implemented by the University and the Government of Moscow", commented Petr Glybochko, the FMSMU Rector.
"It is the matter of envy, as to effectiveness produced by the University and Petr Glybochko personally while managing the project turning to be a best practice in relatively short time. We look forward to incorporating the Precollege students into subject contests, primarily in chemistry, biology, and life safety quizzes. Conditions for studying are perfectly great. We expect the results to be labelled with comparable quality", utters solemnly the Head of the Moscow Department of Education Isaac Kalina.
"I have great confidence that it is very good initiative. The things we have seen here in the Precollege building are the brand new benchmarks of much needed career guidance. Thank you for such a concept, for its prompt and hi-perf realization", believes the head of the Department of Health in Moscow Alexei Khripun.
Sechenov Precollege opening was also admired by management of Moscow schools practicing long-term cooperation with FMSMU.
Elena Romanova, School №236 Director: "The Precollege is somehow advanced training option facilitating admission to the First Med. Our teachers are ready to apply new teaching methods to prepare children for future professional activities".
Tatiana Vorobyova, Lyceum №1535 (Sechenovskiy Lyceum) Director: "Now, First MSMU has lots of partner schools. I hope that with the Precollege advent our community will be able to coordinate interactions even better. There are more than 60 schools in Moscow having biomedical classes, and also we have partner schools in some Russian regions: Moscow region, Bryansk, Kaluga, Tula, Penza. Our cooperation will reach a new level”.
The Precollege inauguration ceremony ending was pretty unusual and exciting. The Director of Sechenov Lyceum, Tatiana Vorobyova, made a fairly symbolic present to the Precollege – the Benjamen’s Ficus. The tree of 28 years old is the peer of those first medical classes founded in Moscow right when it was planted, and there are more and more of them from year to year. The Precollege, absorbing the best of traditions and expertise accumulated by Moscow teachers over the years, is clearly logical sequel of the Biomedical Classes expansion.