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Primus inter pares

The Long Night came over the Museum of Medicine History

On May 21 First MSMU underwent a perfect intervention of much eager and inquisitive visitors. Such a rush occured due to coming of long-awaited Long Night of Museums, the global enlightenment event spreading over 120 cities throughout Europe, as well as elsewhere all over the world.
This cultural concept piloted in Berlin museums in 1997 has been very well received, and since then the number of participating institutions and exhibitions has risen dramatically. And the FMSMU Museum of Medicine History is not the exception for it has got involved into the initiative long ago and systematically.
The Museum staff has to admit that neither personnel nor their indispensable helpers – the volunteers and student theater actors could even fancy of such a stir. According to rough estimates the Museum, in spite of the rainy weather on Saturday, was attended by over 600 people, which is manifold more than last year. Number of excursions, respectively, also increased to 20, whilst some of the guests were even keen to explore the Museum’s ins and outs on their own.
Especially for the occasion, in addition to traditional tours of the permanent exhibition "History of national medicine 1755-1940" and "Warriors in white gowns", the visitors took a chance of enjoying the performance by the First MSMU Student Theatre troupe.
The Museum workers were positively touched to see not just medical community members and their families, that could have been perceived quite natural, but also the agents of much diverse trades, pupils and students who obviously felt great pride for Russian medicine and national science to wide extent.
Upon ending of the feast the personnel of the Museum was somehow perplexed why the matters so serious could arouse such lively interest in public at large.
…Maybe you know, yeah?