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Primus inter pares

Grants to universities are the key to national academic excellence

May 23, 2016. The Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed the decree as of May 19, 2016 № 960-p “On the distribution of subsidies among leading Russian universities for the purpose of enhancing their competitive status among global research and education centers”, which was reviewed and approved at the meeting of the RF Government. During 2016, in line with the national program "Development of Education", the 21 universities participating in Project 5-100 are subject to targeted financing of 10.927 billion rubles from the federal budget.
The decision on granting the governmental support of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science is based on the recommendations of the Council on Competitiveness Enhancement of Leading Russian Universities among Global Research and Education Centers considering the Roadmaps of academic competitiveness improvement submitted to the Council in this March. Seven universities participating in the Project from the very beginning, since 2013, are getting 900 million rubles each. Seven other universities will receive 150 million rubles.
Sechenov First MSMU, which joined the Project right at the end of 2015, less than for six months of participation, has already gained a reputation of the 5-100 favorite, therefore it features in the other “magnificent seven” awarded with grants of 511 million rubles. Funds available in the nearest future will be allocated on urgent implementation of measures and initiatives fixed out in the Roadmaps for the current year.
It is emphasized at the site of the Russian Government: “This decision will help to increase the number of Russia universities in leading positions in global university rankings, improve the quality of Russian education, and enhance its competitive opportunities in the global education market”.
On June 6-8 FMSMU is welcoming the XVI Project 5-100 Workshop Conference, which will showcase the best practices of the University, because one of the main objectives of the event is replicating the best practices of the 5-100 universities.
The main points of the conference are the following:
• Biomedical trends;
• Recruitment of foreign students, teachers and researchers;
• International promotion of Russian universities, evaluation of its results and issues considering global reputation surveys;
• International publication diligence and quotability of Russian scientific works, guidelines for researchers on formatting their manuscripts in line with the requirements of top sci-journals, reaching the global level by Russian scientific periodicals;
• Modern e-learning technologies, LMS and MOOC;
• Collegiate language policies;
• Career opportunities upon graduation.
To clarify any point don’t hesitate to address to the Project Office of Sechenov First MSMU.          
Phone: +7 (499) 246-12-19 (Prospective Development Center)
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