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Primus inter pares

You’re not alone!

Today the world is celebrating the Children's Day. For the University Children's Hospital staff and the parents of our infant patients the protection of children is everyday life. Together we fight for recovery and know for sure: childhood goes on despite all troubles.
Two years ago, we launched our proprietary "Territory of childhood without pain". So, now we’ve already got a lot of friends. In particular, numerous creative teams perform in the clinic plays and concerts to brighten up the lives of those, who must be suffering.
Recently, we have made new friends – the Moscow Central Borough Library, and a puppet theater "Hobgoblin". On May 31 the Children's Hospital hosted a fabulous puppet show "Sinbad the Sailor." The tale renders the navigator, who safely returned home after a long journey and hard trials to get rid of those annoying recollections of difficulties he had experienced and to live happily further. On the Children's Day, we thank all those who have joined the project "Territory of childhood without pain" and remains with us today. We are always ready to keep in touch with medical communities, creative teams, children and their parents.
This day, with all my heart I wish you health and peaceful sky over the children, their parents and all those who assist them in healing, learning, and those protecting our future, which is, after all, personified in children. Children and adults, do stay healthy and happy! Take care of yourselves and color the world!                  
Ekaterina Pronina, Chief Physician at the University Children's Hospital under First MSMU