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Primus inter pares

First MSMU and the World Health Organization: lingering mutual workshopping

May 30, 2016. The intensive workshop patronized by the World Health Organization (WHO) on law awareness and capacity-building in legal issues and non-communicable diseases was inaugurated in the First MSMU Museum of Medicine History.
The event organized by the WHO Regional Office, in collaboration with the Australian McCabe Centre for Law and Oncology, the Higher School of Health Care Management under Sechenov FMSMU and the WHO Collaborating Centre, which is the policy maker in prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), the Project for Prevention and Control of NCDs, donated by the Russian Federation Ministry of Healthcare.
The seminar targeted this way of such scale and scope is the first in the subregion of Central Asia and Eastern Europe. The congregation is aimed at examining effective policy options and legal approaches addressed to tobacco issues, alcohol and unhealthy diets, and also some relevant international and regional instruments and healthcare trade and investment practices in terms of law, reducing thus the NCD burden, reinforcing the consistency of NCD prevention policy are on the agenda. The workshop is an example of advanced cross-sectoral, multi-disciplinary co-operation in the field of prevention and control of NCDs. The Russian Federation is steady and sustainable in bringing to solving the health problems by involving diverse establishments, such as authorities, doctors, lawyers, economists, managers, in other words, all those who set the trends and implement the policies.
This five-day seminar program brings together 32 representatives of various ministries and agencies – the NCD prevention policy makers at the national level from 11 countries all over Central Asia and Eastern Europe.
The opening session was attended by the State Secretary, Deputy Minister of Healthcare of the RF Dmitry Kostennikov, First Deputy Chairman of the Health Committee of the Russian Federation State Duma Nikolai Gerasimenko, Director of Social Development Department of the Ministry of Economic Development Yulia Mikheeva, representatives of the Australian McCabe Centre for Law and Oncology, University of Liverpool. Sechenov First MSMU is represented by Andrey Svistunov, the First Vice-Rector, Victor Fomin, Vice-Rector for Clinical Activities, Ruslan Halfin, Director of the Graduate School of Health Management Institute of Vocational Education (IEP), Victoria Madyanova, Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre and some WHO experts in, economic and social development, legal follow-up, NCD prevention and control.
At the end of the opening ceremony the participants reaffirmed the leading role of Russia in the development and capacity-building among the professionals to make progress in reducing the burden of NCDs.