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Primus inter pares

Student community is the best investment destination

Petr Glybochko, the Rector have just inspected the renovated student dormitory of the University in Izmailovo borough. On September 1 all those guys would hardly recognize their old sweet home, being stunned with spacious kitchens, new furniture, laundry, gym… But this is not the end of the story. All conditions for comfortable life and successful study are well ensured. 
June 2. Petr Glybochko, the Rector was on visit to 11th Parkovaya Street, Izmailovo property mated by Ivan Ryazantsev, Visce-Rector Superintendant, Vladimir Rybarak, Chief Engineer Nadezhda Provorova, Hostel Warden and some reps of the general contractor.
Twelve-storeyed hostel block of corridor layout was built in 1963. Common areas, including, kitchens, toilet and shower rooms, all designed according to the standards which were current more than half a century ago. Each floor houses about 40 students. The guys had to prepare meals in tiny kitchen of 7 square meters. Each floor featured only three toilets, that was positively inconvenient. Last refurbishment here was almost 40 years ago, back in 1977. 
The University management strives to keep on improving the living conditions of nonresident student community. Five years ago the worn and obsolete equipment of bathroom units was replaced. However, cosmetic repairs have only temporary effect. The need for major repair of the hostel is overdue. Upon the end of academic year, when students are leaving for home to mama, the allocated huge non-budgetary funds – 100 million rubles (app. $2 million) to repair the hostel are to be drawn. While many universities put on hold or curtail the social projects, First MSMU invest in the future – in the quality of students’ life and studying.  
September 1 will meet those returning from summer vacation with completely different dwelling. The redevelopment offers “swelling” of kitchen area from 7 meters to 30, new shower rooms with state-of-the-art equipment, sex-specified toilets. New fire alarm system ensures safety of residence, obsolete and dangerous gas cookers will be replaced by electric ones.
To add the comfort for future doctors a new laundry room is also provided, saving from annoyance about operability of worn washer and availability of laundry powder. The new laundry is loaded with some really hi-tech features. The machine itself sends an SMS, as soon as the washing session is finished. So, that’s no need to waste time monitoring the process. Broadband Internet and digital television will eliminate problems with both the studies and having a good time off. The neighbourhood of the building, featuring a bike parking with dozens of slots, will be thoroughly landscaped.
By September the gym will be also refurbished: volleyball, tennis, badminton, bodybuilding, cardioapps... Let alone proper showers and lockers – all conditions to practice healthy lifestyle.
The hostel is quite convenient for people with mobility handicaps. The first three floors of the building equipped with special ramps and elevators are fairly disabled-friendly. Everything conceivable has been done to create virtually comfortable barrier-free environment.
But the transformations are not limited to repair works in premises. All renovated rooms and common areas will be equipped with new furniture and equipment. By the way, the hostel amenities will cost the University 25 million rubles (app. half a million dollars). While strolling around the Rector instructed to allot some ground floor premises for the Student Council to enable extensive sociability.
"We consistently invest in the life quality of our students. In the past 2015, the hostel №1 at Malaya Pirogovskaya street was successfully renovated. By the end of 2016 the new dorm of 1200 beds in Ochakovo district will be also completed. For coming 2017 we've scheduled to repair another nearby hostel at 11th Parkovaya Street. 
Now, just few can afford running real estate developments. But we built, we are building and we will build, because our core rule is to keep our promises", noted Peter Glybochko without a shade of smile, which is generally not like him.