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Primus inter pares

The doctors of the future are being trained right now

The doctors of the future are being trained right now

All keen to be trained are welcome at the brand new FMSMU proprietary educational program to be launched in 2016 aimed at training medical researchers to become the core staff of the future national healthcare reforms, and successive competitors for the graduates of leading educational centers throughout the world. 

The present booming development of biomedical research reinforced with cutting-edge information technologies calls for somehow new approach to healthcare, it requires training of new formation of physicians capable of using modern breakthrough scientific achievements.
Possessing the largest and most powerful educational, scientific and clinical base and being indisputably recognized as a leader of Russian medical education First MSMU keeps on establishing and implementing long-term educational programs that meet the needs of today's and future challenges.
Sechenov University has great drivers able of forcing its students into research and project activities. The University can boast years of steady promotion of international cooperation, expressed now in mutually beneficial partnerships with the leading scientific and educational centers of the world, because global cooperation is the best channel for intellectual and educational exchange.
Fundamental and clinical research practices of world class, contemporary in-house clinical base, high-perf medical care using advanced scientific research and technologies are sure to
constitute fairly competitive graduates, demanded everywhere, both at domestic and international labor market.
The acquired here and now unique skills will enable future doctors-researchers take the top positions in the healthcare model of the future, which is being shaped nowadays.