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Primus inter pares

A trip to Slovenia

A trip to Slovenia

The June trip of faculty staff to Slovenia consisted in meeting with international UDINE-C Group, dedicated to contemporary problems of nursing in the world, attended by representatives (professors and lecturers) 46 US and European universities (Great Britain, Austria, Slovenia, Iceland, Serbia, etc.).

Sechenov First MSMU recently joined the UDINE-C Group, which certainly opens up additional opportunities for comprehensive international cooperation and sharing experiences, let along conceiving new projects and joint research initiatives, which all in all are crucial in terms of enhancing the quality of education and health research, especially in nursing care over Europe and around the world.

The Dean of FMSMU Nursing Faculty N. Kasimovskaya, associate professor N. Shustikova and senior lecturer I. Polishchuk obviously starred at the international scientific-practical conference "Scientific research and education in the field of nursing".

Natalia Alekseevna Kasimovskaya delivered her presentation “Readiness of the students of medical colleges to follow healthy lifestyle and to work on its formation within the population”, which aroused great interest.

N. Kasimovskaya and N. Shustikova within ERASMUS international academic exchange program overviewed the Faculty of Higher Nursing Education in Maribor University and even performed some lectures for students.