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Primus inter pares

Leading international experts highly appreciated the innovative development of Sechenov University

Leading international experts highly appreciated the innovative  development of Sechenov University
The meeting of the International Advisory Council (IAC) took place at a leading medical University of the country - the First Moscow State Medical University.

The IAC was established in accordance with the plan for the realization of the competitiveness improvement programme "5-100". The meeting was also attended by members of the I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University Academic Council and Supervisory Council.

The IAC of the Sechenov University is a standing collegial advisory body, an institute of external expertise. Its task is to attract the best international experience and expertise, provide advanced scientific analysis and preparation of proposals for key areas of University strategic development.

The International Advisory Council is presented by the world-known scientists and representatives of foreign universities: Roman A. Zubarev, Head, Department of Medical Biochemistry & Biophysics (MBB), Professor of Medicinal proteomics (Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden); Youngsuk Chi, President, International Publishers Association “Elsevier”; Jeffrey L. Newton, former Vice President of development (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA); Rudolf Valenta, Director, Institute of Pathophysiology and Allergology (Medical University of Vienna, Austria); Friedrich C. Luft, Director, Experimental and Clinical Research Center (Charite, Berlin,Germany); Teruhito Mochizuki, Director, Institute of Radiology (Ehime University, School of Medicine, Japan).

At the IAC meeting the final phase of the competition for the establishment of new laboratories at I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University took place. The participants of the event considered three presented projects of grant applicants. The purpose of this grant is to support new research teams headed by leading international experts who are able to produce scientific results of the world level. The strict condition was the inclusion of young scientists and students of the Sechenov First MSMU in the scientific work, in order to enable them to obtain international research experience and later start independent scientific careers. In total 9 laboratory projects dealing with developments in biomedicine, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering entered the competition.

Speaker Elena Peterson presented the group project “Laboratory of tissue engineering” headed by professor Stephen F. Badilac (Director, Department of surgery and bioengineering; Vice Director, McGowan Institute of regenerative medicine, USA); professor Valerian E. Kagan (Director, Centre for Free Radical and Antioxidant Health, University of Pittsburgh, USA) made a presentation of “Laboratory of Redox Lipidomics in Health and Disease”; professor Klaus-Peter Lesch (Director of the Division of Molecular Psychiatry, Center of Mental Health, University of Wuerzburg, Germany) presented the project “Laboratory of Psychiatric Neurobiology”. The university grant of 90 million rubles for the next 3 years was awarded to the project proposed by professor Klaus-Peter Lesch.

"I want to express my sincere gratitude to the management of the University and members of the International Advisory Council for choosing my project. I am sure that the cooperation will bring mutual benefits, allowing graduate students and young scientists of the Sechenov University to obtain valuable research experience. Undoubtedly, this will promote exchange programs and clerkships between the Sechenov First MSMU and universities of Germany and Holland", commented Klaus-Peter Lesh.

One more important part of the IAC meeting agenda was the presentation of the "Road map" of the University development and its key areas: research activities, participation in international projects, modernization of the management system and development of scientific and educational substructure. The mission of the First MSMU is to improve constantly and ensure the global competitiveness of the Russian health care system through the training of qualified staff, develop of advanced medical, educational and management technologies, carry out applied and fundamental scientific research at the highest international level.

“The Sechenov University expands the range of interdisciplinary research and development in accordance with global challenges, prospects and rapid development of the world medicine, pharmacy and biotechnology to increase life expectancy and quality of life. In the framework of the research agenda our University is committed to become a multidisciplinary focal point for clinical and medical research. We aim for highest achievements in the field of regenerative and molecular medicine, structural and genomic bioinformatics", - said the rector of the University Petr V. Glybochko. "Our task is to transform our institution into a world-class medical University and train doctors of the future. This is a task we have to achieve before 2020.”

After the meeting all members of the International Advisory Council noted that the University is well prepared to integrate into the global academic community and expressed their willingness to participate in the development of recommendations on the creation of new research centers and attracting key staff with an international reputation.