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Primus inter pares

The Academic Council approved the development strategy

The Academic Council approved the development strategy Sechenov FMSMU Academic Council sums up the academic year in the Congress Centre of R&D Center. The development strategy of the University, departments and reports on internal grants are also on agenda. 

In pursue of cutting-edge global collegiate trends the new strategy of the University is as follows: First Med (present informal name) to Sechenovsky University, from budgetary to financially autonomous educational institution, as it was announced by Petr Glybochko, the Rector. 

In accordance with the decision of the International Council on Improving Competitiveness in line with the Road Map for Project 5-100, the program of new strategy implementation has been finally developed. In few coming days, the strategy will be available on the University website. This and establishment of strategic academic units were the subjects of the speech uttered by the Vice-rector on Innovation Policies and International Activities Andrei Svistunov.

“The university is starting up two strategic academic units (SAE): International School of Personalized and Translational Medicine and Healthcare Leadership Institute”, stated the First Vice-rector. These will include both existing and newly created scientific and educational divisions of the university. 

Upon the coming up reorganization, the International School will comprise the following research institutes: Molecular Medicine, Pharmacy and Translational Medicine, as well as new units – institute of regenerative medicine and that of personalized medicine. These all will be coordinated by the Educational Programs Administration. 

Leadership Institute will integrate: 
• Higher School of Health Management; 
• Research Institute of Medical Sociology; 
• Research Institute of Public Health. 

Two research institutes: 
• Parasitology and Tropical Medicine; 
• Uronefrology and reproductive health 
will be transformed into clinical institutions and will focus on the clinical aspect. 

Also as a part of the Project 5-100, in connection with obtaining grants for international competitiveness, it was proposed to approve the Regulation on open tender for establishment of in-house research laboratories using own University equipment. Laboratory will be headed under the conditions of full employment. The exception to this rule is provided only for leading researchers and developers, who are the foreign citizens and whose total stay in the University to work in these labs is defined as 2016-2018. 

"Joining Project 5-100 is not a compliment for past merits, but a new level of development. If we are not going forward, others will come. So, we must work and produce results", proclaimed Petr Glybochko. He called on the heads of departments to recruit young people to implement further scientific breakthroughs: "Give way to the young, let the ideas, and they will embody it!" 

Commenting on activities under the grants, Petr Glybochko noticed that this work has somehow promising future. Project 5-100 suppose additional funding, and moreover such studies contribute to creation of progressive collegiate formats. 

"By joining Project 5-100 we retain the history being much proud of it, and we shall also be building a new university by implementing the best international practices. We are at the turn of the new incarnation of our institution – Sechenovsky University, which aims to take its rightful place in the ranking of the best universities in the world. This is a difficult path, but we need to tread in. Management, funding and structure of the University, as well as other key collegiate aspects will be reformatted, whilst henceforth we’ll report to the Supervisory Board of the University presided by the Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin", concluded Petr Glybochko.