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The First Med discussions: how to refine the healthcare system

The First Med discussions: how to refine the healthcare system

The Federal Methodological Center for Accreditation of Doctors under Sechenov First MSMU gathered the health system professionals keen to discuss the section "Healthcare" within the pre-election program of the "United Russia" party.

 Chairman of the upper house of the Russian parliament Valentina Matvienko, the Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova, representatives of the State Duma and the Federation Council, rectors of medical and pharmaceutical universities, leaders of the professional community and luminaries of Russian medicine came to First MSMU to debate the basics and the details of healthcare issues in the short run of parliamentary elections.


Before the meeting, the Centre, which in a few days is welcoming its first examinees, was thoroughly inspected. During the excursion, Valentina Matvienko noted that state-of-the-art technologies and procedures presented in the Center made her sure that professionalism of those, who were going to be accredited, would be assessed in hi-end and impartial manner. The best practices implemented in the Center are mostly the achievements of First MSMU benchmarking the quality standards.

The participants were unanimous considering healthcare as a key focus in the election program of the "United Russia". In recent years, it was achieved a lot: life expectancy has been increased, depopulation has been overcome. But there are areas, which objectively are lagging behind yet. The "United Russia" aims at improving Russian healthcare system presuming maximally close interactions with the patient. It depends much on how the citizens evaluate the quality of medical services, timeliness and professionalism of physicians.

"It drew a lot of professionals, it is very important. So, it means that we are going to listen to both criticisms and suggestions. The program should be clear-cut to citizens, practical, realistic, and the Party will report to the electorate, according to its dispositions", reassured Valentina Matvienko.

Russian Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova noted that 2016 faces piloting of patient-oriented healthcare system. The insurance attorneys, whose task is to protect patients' rights are the part of this project in Russia. The first batch of insurance agents started training in April 2016 on the basis of First MSMU.

 "Now, several thousands of insurance representatives are undergoing very serious training", said Veronika Skvortsova.

As a result of open discussion, the key directions under "Healthcare" pre-election program were chrystallized: prevention, highly qualified staff, new technologies and overall efficiency of the system in whole.

President of the Russian Medical League Gennady Onishchenko drew attention to the risks inherent in separation of the two ministries – education and healthcare – in terms of training of future doctors. Only concentration of training resources in the hands of professional practitioners will meet the highest standards set by the "United Russia". To this end, it is important to authorize training of health personnel under the Ministry of Health. The training dualism and reporting to two parallel structures, according to the President of the Russian Medical League, brings into question the universality of quality standards.

 "Why do you need to partition our medical education? It is essential that training corresponds to some single educational standard. Compliance with this standard is not possible, if training of doctors is beyond the competence of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation", expressed his opinion Gennady Onishchenko.

Petr Glybochko, the Rector of First MSMU in his speech emphasized the importance of governmental support for university research activities focusing on new areas of professional training for the future Russian healthcare system.

"Today, everyone has had an opportunity to speak out, the propositions made by the members of the State Duma and Council of Federation, as well as those of medical community are the points to be reflected in the program of "United Russia", commented Petr Glybochko on the results of the discussion.